4 Actionable Ways to Create Relatable Social Media Content


So you’ve heard us say over and over how important it is to create actionable, engaging, and relatable content to keep your readers coming back for more. As we all know, creating quality content is important when you are trying to build a larger audience, but increasing your readers actions to click requires time and creativity. Here are some secrets on how to share interactive content while still keeping your business relevant.


Provide Takeaways

Providing your followers with some type of content giveaway that is relatable to your company will certainly have them clicking. Serve up something free and useful to gain fans and build their trust.

In order to learn more about your audience, offer a takeaway as a download to gain data on the people collecting your free content. Some takeaways might include a video, slide presentation, a coupon, an ebook, or an app. This may have your audience more applicable to purchase your product or try your service.

Speaking of giving away something for free, have you downloaded our Ultimate List of Social Holidays yet? You’re welcome.  


Using Social Media Polls

On social media, polls help amplify engagement for your business while getting to know your target customer and what they are looking for. This gives your followers something to respond to with the simple interaction of a click.

Keep your polls fun and easy to use! You don’t always need to make it “all about you” so give them something to enjoy. When creating a poll on Twitter, be sure to add relevant or trending hashtags.

Some example polls to use are:

  • Getting feedback on new features
  • Push traffic to your website
  • Create an invitation to a company event
  • For research purposes like choosing the fans favorite product or menu item
  • Get to know the content they like
  • What services are they looking for

4 Actionable Ways to Create Relatable Content



While memes have been around for quite some time now, they can pack a serious marketing punch when used well. Marketers need to know their audience language and sense of humor. Well executed memes are memorable, highly viral, and speak to their audience. A good meme will make your followers react and share, and their friends may have a similar reaction.

4 Actionable Ways to Create Relatable Content


Share a GIF

Everyone loves a good GIF. These are guaranteed to create a good laugh, a comment, a tag, or even a share! Forbes reported that “100 million daily active users now request a GIF from Giphy.”

Now how would your business use a GIF to boost social engagement? Instead of just posting about what service you offer, draw customers in with entertaining visuals. Have fun playing with your captions. GIFs can be used for just about any industry. Click on this Giphy link and get creative.

4 Actionable Ways to Create Relatable Content

Overall, be sure you’re not forgetting about your audience, and show the passion you have for your business in your voice. Give them the relatable content they are looking for to increase action on your social platforms.

If you need help finding out what your target audience wants and how to give it to them, give us a call at 843.718.2988. Creating high-quality content that gets your readers clicking is kind of our thing.

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