Now that we have made it through the month of January, have you thought about where your business stands for the year ahead? It’s always a good idea to take a hard look at what you’ve accomplished and which digital marketing trends are viable for your business. After all, if you’re going through the motions of a “new year, new me” then why not take a look at refreshing your marketing strategy as well? Digital marketing is constantly changing and standing out amongst your competitors can be a challenge. One of the ways you can separate yourself is through email marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the moves you should be making in order to keep up with email marketing trends for 2019!


When it comes to business, time is money, right? Automation emails save you a lot of time and they’re on their way to becoming standard. An automatic follow up allows you to send out additional information in a more timely manner. If you already have the attention of your customer, your chances to reaching a sale while they are still interested are higher. Setting up these tools takes a bit of time and effort, but once you are up and running, the emails will auto send for you. One example of an automation email would be a Happy Birthday email offering a free appetizer. These types of emails are going to build long term relationships, loyalty, and higher business results.

Personalize Your Email with Dynamic Content

Whether you are just getting started or you’re an email expert, it’s important to send out relevant information and to reach your audience at peak times. One of the trends in 2019 is to create a dynamic email. Instead of segmenting and then sending out a different email to each group on your list, dynamic email marketing sends the same email to your list of contacts, but the content within changes depending on segmenting protocols that you define ahead of time.

How do you come up with this set of protocols you ask? Using specific data from contact details, otherwise known as your customer relationship management (CRM) database. Take a look at your lists behaviors and interests. Some people on your list may be interested in the services you offer, some have left their shopping cart full without purchasing, some are interested in a new product, and some on your list may only be interested in a promotion or weekly special. Creating a dynamic email will pull all this information in and switch out content based on each contact’s individual properties. These emails allow you to send marketing that people love while saving you time and money.

Valuable Content for Repeat Business

People do business with brands they like, know, and trust. Your audience doesn’t always want to be sold to. Customers are looking for personal attention now more than ever. According to Constant Contact, “gaining a new customer can be 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one,” so building these relationships in your emails are becoming more important by the day. The valuable content you create to target your existing customers will even help them recommend it to their friends. Some examples for creating valuable content are:

  • Answer your most frequently asked questions. These questions are great to answer before your buyer as has any issues. This would be valuable content to include in an automation email, discussed above.
  • Think about any struggles your customer may have and give advice in your email. Including any tutorials from your website that will help build trust in your relationship.
  • Curate and share others content. This type of content is valuable and relatable, but make sure you put in their name and any credit necessary.
  • Make your email visually compelling with images or infographics.
  • Using video in the body of your email provides really great engagement and over time it will keep people interested.
  • Sharing some stats in your email will help show why you are successful by proving your points.

People may be surprised at how effective email marketing continues to be. Time is money, so leave it to TargetMarket to implement these three email marketing trends into your 2019 strategy. You’ll want to take a look back at 2019 and see the success of your customer relationships and the growth of repeating business!  

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