The Charleston area is full of talented creatives churning out photo and video projects. While the Lowcountry provides a pretty spectacular backdrop for many of these projects, there are endless benefits associated with using a studio for photography and videography. A studio setting can elevate your next photo or video shoot by delivering high-quality sound to help create the perfect final product. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect when using a studio for photography and videography production:

Work With Seasoned Professionals

While Rift Studios is an ideal space for all creatives, if you require professional assistance on your next project, you can count on our team of seasoned professionals to help ensure you receive your desired results. Managing partner, Chris Hanclosky, is an award-winning photo and video director. Chris is supported by a team of photographers, creative directors, videographers, and editors, all familiar with all the capabilities Rift Studios has to offer. Whether you need guidance, a second pair of eyes, or an entire production team, the Rift Studios Production team can be as hands-on as you’d like.

More Creative Freedom 

One of the best parts of Rift Studios is its ability to serve as a completely blank canvas. No matter your brand, business, or product, you can shape Rift Studios into what you need to get the perfect shot. One of the aspects that makes Rift Studios so customizable is its expansive cyc wall with both white and green screen backdrop options. The ceiling grid provides endless lighting options to help create the perfect setting for your project. The studio even has sliding barn doors to accommodate commercial vehicles hauling equipment. For everything from medical devices to music videos and interviews to movie productions, the Rift Studios team has experience accommodating various production needs. 

Unbeatable Sound Quality

Rift Studios was designed to be a first-class space for videography and video production. In addition to the numerous backdrop options and lighting capabilities, the studio is also entirely soundproof. Whether you’re recording for video production, voice-over, or podcast, you can count on Rift Studio’s unbeatable sound quality. In addition to the studio-quality sound recording, Rift provides a completely soundproof hair and makeup area to ensure your production is completed professionally and efficiently.


For multifaceted projects, you can count on Rift Studios to accommodate all of your needs, including photography, videography, recording, and more. In addition to the main studio, Rift has a large hair and makeup studio and expansive wardrobe space with professional lighting and mirrors so talent can get ready on-site. This means that Rift Studios has you covered from preparation to final product.

Controlled Environment 

When you choose Rift Studios for your production, you can be assured of high-quality results the first time. When photo or video shoots are executed in public areas or outdoors, it can be incredibly challenging to guarantee sound quality or complete the project promptly. In addition, elements like wind, rain, or storms can lead to significant delays or cancellations for productions. The summertime in the Lowcountry is especially unpredictable, which makes using a studio for photography and videography even more enticing. You can save time and money at Rift Studios by relying on our controlled environment that delivers studio-quality sound, ideal lighting, and overall functionality.

Contact Rift Studios

​​For more information about how you can elevate your next project, check out the Rift Studios website, send a note to [email protected], and follow @RiftStudiosCHS on Instagram & Facebook. Whether you’re in need of a place to record, host an event, or just need a studio for photography and videography, we’ve got you covered. For all you professionally-minded folks out there, you can also hop on the Rift Studios LinkedIn page to stay up-to-date on everything happening.

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