3 Things to Remember When Posting User-Generated Content

Looking for a way to reconnect with your audience or trying to freshen up your content? User-generated content (UGC), when used correctly can do just the trick. Defined as content that is created by users as part of a social media community, UGC is perfect for displaying how real people use your product. Whether that product is dinner at your restaurant, flowers from your shop or a card from your stationery line, sharing your dedicated users’ content with your brand’s pages helps to establish a trusting relationship with your audience.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when sharing this kind of content.

Understand your community.

Keep your brand’s voice and identity in mind at all times when throwing user-generated content into the content mix. One of the biggest benefits that UGC boasts is dependability. By providing content that your past brand users have shared creates a new kind of trust between you and your audience. Studies show that 77% of people look to online reviews or testimonials before making a purchase. Take this opportunity to #Repost your customer’s positive feedback along with an image of the product.

Always credit your source.

The internet frowns upon using other people’s content without proper accreditation. Just like you take pride in your original content, so does the rest of your social media community. If you see an image from a community member that you want to share with your audience, always be sure to credit them. This can be done in a number of ways depending on your brand’s voice.

Here are a few ideas on how to credit the proper source:

3 Things to Remember When Posting User-Generated Content

  • Using the camera emoji followed by the username. ????
  • Using #Regram followed by the username.
  • Writing “Photo from” followed by the username.
  • Using the Repost App.

Keep the spark alive.

Don’t just stop at one UGC post. Encourage the sharing and contribute to the conversation. Even if you decide not to use the content, “like” it or comment on the post to let them know how much you appreciate them sharing. Community interaction helps to solidify customer relationships and brand loyalty. By monitoring this conversation, you will also be able to answer customer questions and comments promptly. It’s a win-win!

User-generated content is key when taking a new approach to creating a community with your followers. Just be sure to check these three things off your list when utilizing UGC as part of your social marketing strategy!

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