Writing an Instagram Caption Worth Reading

It’s no secret that Instagram is the most visually appealing app out there. Like we talked about here, here, and here, taking a great picture is the first step in posting to Instagram. However, It doesn’t end there. Curating a caption that suits your image is key. Maintain your brand’s voice and give your visual a caption worth reading with a few simple steps.

First Things First

So while Instagram puts a cap on their captions at 2,200 characters, the average Instagram user probably can’t recall the last time they read a caption that long.

Even before their latest changes, Instagram had been switching a few things up. Since the app’s start, a user’s entire caption was visible at all times. It wasn’t until the past year that the … more was given as an option to reveal captions longer than 3 lines. The moral of the story being to make the first three lines really count. If you can’t fit everything you want to say into those first three lines, draft a caption that puts the most important information first. It’s also okay to open with a leading sentence that makes users want to click to continue reading. Load those first three lines with your call-to-action, trending emojis or a clever phrase. Always remember to save any mentions or hashtags until the end of the caption.

Speaking of a Call-to-Action

The whole goal of putting a business on Instagram (or really any other social platform for that matter) is to generate conversation about your brand. You want people to put a pause on scrolling when they hit your post. Deliberately give your audience something to interact with. Caption a fun Friday quote graphic with “double tap if you agree”. Instead of just continuing to scroll through their timeline, they will be far more likely to stop and take the time to read what you have to say or check out your post.

Get people participating! Ask a simple question. Social media users love to share their opinion and this is a great way to get people talking. Just make sure to keep the questions lighthearted. Getting people to tag their friends is another way to get more eyes on your profile.

Replacing your #LinkInBio and using the hashtag in a caption is another way to draw more attention to your business. It’s can also be a win-win because if the relevant link happens to be your website, you’re getting more clicks.

Don’t Forget About Instagram’s Voice When Using Your Brand Voice

Instagram users are far different from hard-core LinkedIn users and Twitter’s loyal tweeters. Don’t change your brand’s identity, but be sure to keep the Instagram tone in mind when coming up with a caption.

With the exception of very few Instagram accounts, the highest performing accounts are ones that keep it light, fun and easy to read. Give your account a personal touch to draw users in. If your business usually maintains a serious tone, just be sure to always remain genuine.

One of the best ways to learn these captioning skills is taking notes from the Insta-pros. Follow an array of Instagram’s top accounts, from fashion bloggers to professional football players, to get a taste of what users like to see and are interacting with. This will help you craft your brand’s voice on the platform and help to ultimately increase your fan base.

Happy Instagramming!  

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