#WebWeds: Big Changes Coming for Instagram for Business

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Instagram has always been a bit of a magical mystery…without a third-party app, there has been no way to know exactly how many people have seen your posts, and aside from follower count or post “likes,” there has been no analytical data to look at.

Well…this is changing!! Instagram just made a huge announcement yesterday: the platform is rolling out “business pages,” which include business-specific profiles and a way for brands using these business profiles to track how many times their posts actually popped up on people’s screens.

Previously, all accounts have been exactly the same, regardless of if the account was for personal or business use. Following in its parent company Facebook’s footsteps, Instagram is now creating profiles specifically for businesses. These offer additional information to just bio: now, there will be a contact/call-to-action button, a business category, and the option for a user to get directions to your establishment.

#WebWeds: Big Changes Coming for Instagram for Business


Users with business profiles will have access to other new perks as well. Instagram will also be rolling out built-in analytics for the first time ever. This will finally allow businesses to understand how many impressions their photos are getting (how many times they were served in someone’s feed), an essential statistic to understand with the new algorithm rolling out as well.

#WebWeds: Big Changes Coming for Instagram for Business

Business owners/marketers also will now be able to promote posts directly in the app. This makes it much easier to simply boost posts by choosing your post and your targeted audience, instead of having to go through all of the steps in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

#WebWeds: Big Changes Coming for Instagram for Business

Instagram gives you the option to create your own custom audience, or to let Instagram do the targeting for you.

All of these features will be rolling out in the coming months to the US, Australia and New Zealand. The features should be live globally by the end of the year.

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