Nick Nydegger

Founder, CEO

Nick Nydegger

Founder, CEO

Nick is TargetMarket’s founder and CEO. Raised in Tampa, FL, Nick graduated from the University of Florida and afterwards moved west to work in marketing for Fox in Los Angeles (Fun Fact: Nagatomi Plaza from Die Hard).

In 2007, longing to return to the East Coast, Nick relocated to Charleston to run a print and trade show marketing company. The economic turmoil of 2008-2009 forced a shift in marketing spending to digital, and in 2010 TargetMarket was born.

Over the past 10 years, Nick has worked to grow TargetMarket to be a premier digital marketing agency in the Southeast. He enjoys running the agency, but equally enjoys community involvement, serving on Rotary International and as Board Chairman for the Summerville Family YMCA.

When not on the clock, Nick enjoys spending time on the golf course, listening to live music, or at home with his wife and two children.

App You Can’t Live Without: LivePhish. It’s the closest I can get to live music during a pandemic.

Favorite Binge Watch: With two young children and a business, binge watching is whatever the kids agree on. These days it’s The Greatest Showman on repeat.

Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Rays! Nothing like a small market, no budget team sticking it to the Yankees year after year.

Jenn Steere

VP of Operations

Jenn Steere

VP of Operations

Jenn has spent 10 years in the digital marketing space, with a background in affiliate marketing, online merchandising, email marketing, content development, management, and operations.

She has worked with various brands and companies, ranging from smartphones to outdoor patio furniture. Since coming to the agency side as the Director of Operations, she’s grown an affinity for defining the TargetMarket culture and employee growth. She also enjoys client onboarding and helping to give clients an idea of what they can expect while working with the TargetMarket team.

She is a Marketing Communications graduate of Mary Baldwin University (go fighting squirrels!) in Staunton, Virginia. After an 8 year stint of dealing with DC traffic, she happily moved to Charleston when her husband took a promotion in the Holy City.

She loves the beach and has been told on several occasions that she has saltwater running through her veins. She is also a little obsessed with animals; puppies and kittens will stop her dead in her tracks, and she is in love with her adorably vocal tuxedo cat, Chloe, and her Boston terrier puppy, Ellie.

Favorite App: Chick-fil-A – because who doesn’t love getting points for free food!

Favorite Binge Watch: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica…The Office! And you can bet I signed the petition to keep this on Netflix. 😉

Random Fact about Yourself: I was raised listening to ghost stories from my Grandparents. They would tell me about ghosts they had seen in and around their home. It was terrifying and exciting, all the same. As a result, I love a good ghost story and love to check out local haunts and ghost tours around Charleston.

Apple or Android: Definitely Apple! I love how seamless it is to move between my Apple devices and face-timing with my nieces and nephews.

Jenny Murrie

Director of
Client Success

Jenny Murrie

Director of Client Success

Jenny started her career as a Media Planner and Buyer at Fahlgren (now Fahlgren Mortine) in Atlanta working on local market McDonald’s co-ops and Kroger Grocery Stores. She quickly learned she enjoyed partnering with clients on their strategy and planning more than the buying aspect of the work. She moved from Fahlgren to Ogilvy & Mather as a Media Planner to work on the Krystal fast food account and later Food Lion before relocating to Dallas, TX.

Jenny spent 3 years in Dallas working at Carat USA as an Account Supervisor on RadioShack. Primarily responsible for planning the RadioShack National Television Budget. She then returned to Atlanta to work at MindShare USA on Orkin Pest Control.

After having her first daughter, Jenny and her husband, Justin, relocated to Charleston where she formed a partnership with two friends also in marketing to offer website development, blogging, and social media management to small businesses. It was a great way to stay in advertising and marketing and be able to spend more time with her young daughters.

In 2017, Jenny joined the TargetMarket team and is our Director of Client Success. She thrives on building client relationships and supporting the account team. Learning about a client’s goals and then finding the best combination of services to help them grow their business and brand is one her favorite parts of what she does.

Favorite Binge Watch: Anything I can get my husband or teenage daughters to watch with me. Currently that is The Queen’s Gambit and Umbrella Academy!

Apple or Android: Android

Favorite Sports Team: I went to the University of Georgia, so of course…Go Bulldogs!

Enneagram Type: 3 (The Achiever)

Cary Saineghi

Director of
Project Management

Cary Saineghi

Director of Project Management

Cary has 10 years of collective marketing experience in an agency setting dating back to a college internship her senior year. For 8 of these years, she specialized in digital marketing for the healthcare industry helping develop and bring clients’ visions to life. She took two years off to teach elementary school, only to realize she missed her prior creative and strategy-driven role.

She grew up playing competitive basketball (and every other sport) which taught her to collaborate with a team, strategize, and that never giving up is the key to success and results. She credits her kids with having taught her the importance of patience and managing expectations. All traits she uses as our Director of Project Management.

When she’s not working, Cary flexes her creative muscle as a photographer. But mostly, you can find her playing chauffeur to her four kids or working on house projects alongside her husband.

App You Can’t Live Without: Facebook— because it allows me to easily share moments of our kids growing up with my family, none of which live local to us!

Favorite Sports Team: Die Hard NY GIANTS fan, go big blue!

Android or Apple: Android

Chris Hanclosky

Director of
Video Services

Chris Hanclosky

Director of Video Services

Christopher Hanclosky is an award-winning photo and video director. His background ranges from camera operation for ESPN and other national sports networks, covering newsworthy events as a photojournalist, documentary filming and editing, and producing marketing and advertising content for large corporations, small businesses or anything in between.

He holds a degree in visual communications from the University of South Carolina and received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Journalism School in 2017.

When he can squeeze in some free time, he enjoys going to the beach with the family, attending outdoor activities and events, and watching sports and films.

App You Can’t Live Without: Spotify App is used daily and would really hate to go back to CDs if it ever went away!

Random Fact About Yourself: I have interviewed/filmed four past or current Presidents…and I also very much enjoy a Twizzler Pull n’ Peel.

Favorite Sports Team: Although I have spent the majority of my life in the South, my sports roots and allegiance lie deep in Pittsburgh—Black and Gold Doesn’t Fold!

Last Book You Read: Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain and Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict—One was for masterful nourishment the other for extreme determination…still working on both.

Jackie Foster

Director of
Business Development

Jackie Foster

Director of Business Development

Jackie has more than 6 years of experience in the marketing industry, with a passion for digital marketing, account management and business development.

She holds a bachelor of arts degree in public relations from the University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications. After which, she worked for New York-based digital agency, 360i, on accounts under the NBCUniversal portfolio, including USA Network, Bravo Network and Oxygen Network.

Upon returning to the Lowcountry in early 2018, she worked as an account manager and later director of accounts for Digico Agency. She then developed integrated communications plans to increase revenue and member retention for the Daniel Island Club as their marketing supervisor before joining the TargetMarket team in 2020 as their Director of Business Development. Speaking to clients about their business goals and developing strategic marketing plans to help achieve those goals is one of the many reasons she loves what she does.

In her free time, Jackie enjoys going to concerts, trying new restaurants and spending as much time at the beach as possible. She is lucky to live close to her sister and spends lots of time with her family for suppers, watching SNL reruns and spoiling her adorable niece.

Random Fact About Yourself: I have a black belt in karate and practiced karate for about 7 years. I have some pretty embarrassing photos from those years if anyone ever questions me!

Favorite Binge Watch: I will never get tired of Gilmore Girls, and I have seen every episode countless times. I grew up watching Golden Girls with my sisters and have an homage to them on my office desk. I’m also a self-proclaimed Bravoholic, and my newest show obsession is Schitt’s Creek!

Favorite Sports Team: Although they don’t make it easy to do most of the time, I will always cheer for my Gamecocks!

Enneagram Type: 3–The Achiever (The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type: Adaptive, Excelling, Driven). I have also scored high for Type 7–The Enthusiast (The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible). I like to think I have a few of the good qualities of both 😉

James Wilson

Director of
Print Production

James Wilson

Director of Print Production

James is from a super small town in Tennessee called Winfield, he went to the University of Tennessee while working for his family’s printing company. In 2017, he moved to Charleston and started working for TargetMarket shortly after.

In his free time, James enjoys video games and playing with his plant-hating rescue cat Calliope. He’s currently addicted to Valorant but doesn’t want to talk about his rank.

Social Site You’re Most Addicted To: I’m always on Reddit, either for the memes or cat pics.

Random Fact About Yourself: My crowning moment in life was achieving grandmaster status in Starcraft 2, which is a ranking of the top 200 active players.

Apple or Android: I’ve been an Apple fanboy my whole life, so much that I’ve bought and lost three pairs of AirPods. Are facepalm emojis allowed? If so, a couple would be nice here.

Last book you read: Ready Player Two, which compared to RPO was a pretty big disappointment.

Amanda Snyder

Graphic Designer

Amanda Snyder

Senior Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Amanda Snyder holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Akron. Although her name “Amanda Mae” might sound like she was born and bred a Southern gal, she actually hails from the heart of the Rust Belt in Akron, Ohio. She attributes her hardworking and driven nature to this fact. She relocated to Charleston after college to begin her career in the sunshine.

In her free time, she enjoys snuggling up with her black cat Nya while reading a good book, going on adventures (even if they’re local), and pretending she knows anything about fashion by faithfully watching Project Runway. If she could have dinner with anyone, it would be with her late Grandma Betty who had a fantastic sense of humor and was so sweet. Alice in Wonderland is Amanda’s favorite movie, and she has a vintage collection of the Lewis Carroll novel.

Last Book You Read: The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. This book is the prequel to Practical Magic (yes, the book based on the Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock movie)

Enneagram Type: Enneagram 1w2 (The Activist)
This personality tends to be aware of the needs of others, passionately follow what they believe to be right, make principled and ethical choices, and advocate for social change and justice.

Spotify Station Guilty Pleasure: Millennial Prom — I’m not saying it’s quality, but it is fun and sometimes that’s enough.

Favorite Podcasts: Crime Junkie and Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad. Not only are they both beautifully told, but they help to solve crimes which is amazing.

Cory Carpenter