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Tis the season!! With Halloween officially behind us and Thanksgiving and Halloween on the way, it’s safe to say that all businesses should be thinking about their 2019 marketing efforts. Have no fear! We’ve built a checklist for you to help you prepare:

1. Evaluate your goals

Did you achieve them? Or are you on track to achieve them? There’s still time left in the year to do so! These goals might be related to website traffic, follower count, revenue, etc. Evaluate if your annual marketing efforts were contributed to the accomplishment of the goals and if the goals set were appropriate and achievable to begin with.

2. Audit your content marketing strategy

Content includes social media posts, blogs, e-blasts, videos, graphics, the list goes on! It’s very important to review the year’s content because it will give you insight on what your followers liked or didn’t like. If a post had great engagement, it’s safe to assume your followers like this type of content and that you should continue doing this in the new year.

3. Audit your paid social media ads strategy

At this point, you should be utilizing paid social media ads for your business due to organic posts being seen by fewer people. To review your performance for the year, break down each campaign one by one and evaluate the budget and campaign design. Analyze different KPIs (key performance indicators) based on your goals and really see what worked well. Hopefully, you’ve also done A/B testing throughout the year so you can truly pinpoint not only audience targeting and segmentation but also creative preferences your audience is drawn to.

4. Plan for 2019

2019 is right around the corner! It’s time to break down your month-to-month plan for the new year. What will your brand be focusing on? Where will you invest (either in outsourced help, in-house time and resources, or both)? How will you get it all done? Delegate someone to be responsible for the actual implementation of your social media and digital marketing, otherwise, you’ll find that it just simply won’t get done.

Of course, this is where we come in at TargetMarket. We can help from strategy to setup to full account implementation and anywhere in between to make your 2019 plan a reality! Call us at (888) 632-4499, or fill out our online free consultation form to get started.

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