Have you imagined what it is like to be an intern at a digital marketing agency? Look no further as Hailey Steirer, an intern of five months; shares her life as an intern at TargetMarket. When you join TargetMarket as an intern, you are introduced to numerous digital marketing services. Along with these responsibilities you gain experience that you will take with you beyond your life as an intern at TargetMarket and into your future career. Take a look!

Meet Our Intern:

Hailey Steirer is a senior undergraduate at DeSales University. DeSales University is a private catholic university located in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Hailey began attending DeSales University in 2018. Since her first semester, she has studied dual majors of marketing and management. She will be graduating from DeSales University in May of 2022 with a Bachelor of Science Degree! 

Before her life as an intern at TargetMarket, Hailey had previous marketing experience. Each work experience varied in the field of marketing. With three prior internships, she was not shy to the marketing field. She became familiar with social media, websites, marketing research, writing, and data analysis. Through these experiences, she was involved in numerous tasks and projects. However, she wanted to explore more of what marketing has to offer before her graduation. This ambition brought her to TargetMarket, where no day or task is exactly the same. 

TargetMarket partners with businesses in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other industries to create stunning brands and websites. Then our team optimizes these websites to convert and generate sales and leads. Each business partner has a successful digital marketing strategy that is aligned with their business goals. For this reason, each partner project consists of different tasks for our TargetMarket team. The successful digital marketing strategy all comes down to the tasks that are completed by our fantastic talent that works at TargetMarket. Life as an intern at TargetMarket is ever-changing but always valued and greatly appreciated. As we work with our business partners to provide interns with experience, we also intend to teach our interns numerous skills, and networking encounters with supervisor communication. With this being said, what would the tasks of life as an intern at TargetMarket look like within a week?  

Role As An Intern at TargetMarket:

In the twenty-first century, remote jobs have become more popular. This virtual aspect of the workforce has eliminated the concern of living in different areas for a job. Considering that Hailey was located in Pennsylvania, she was able to complete our South Carolina internship with online platforms such as zoom and email. As a full-time student, she completed 15 hours of TargetMarket tasks each week. She communicated with our TargetMarket team virtually and joined all meetings over zoom or on the phone to receive her weekly tasks. While tasks vary based on our business partners and marketing strategies, here is what Hailey’s general roles in her life as an intern at TargetMarket looked like! 

Assist The TargetMarket Team

Hailey learned and gained experience under her supervisor Kylie Parr, a senior account manager here at TargetMarket. While Kylie was her main contact throughout her internship, she also worked with our creative team. Our experienced team at TargetMarket takes on a variety of marketing strategies and services with each business partner. Whether our partners have short-term or long-term goals, we work with them on a timeline that fits their needs. With a different array of needs for every partner, Hailey would be assigned to help shadow or complete a team member’s task. 

Take On Business Partner Project Tasks

As Hailey would work with the TargetMarket team on partner tasks she became more familiarized with our process and strategizes. Under this experience, she was able to take on specific business partner roles to help our team and our partners. Some of the tasks are listed here:

  • Schedule social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Join partner strategy proposal meetings
  • Create content based on the partner’s social media needs
  • Edit content to fit social media requirements
  • Write blogs

With these tasks, Hailey was able to experience a variety of partners and their diversified needs. Her exposure to successful marketing strategies for different businesses allowed her to obtain experience in numerous fields. She will now be graduating and accepting her first full-time position where she can utilize the skills she took from her life as an intern at TargetMarket.

Looking To Work At TargetMarket?

Our team is made up of marketing strategists, award-winning creatives, developers and writers. Together, we represent decades of experience across dozens of industries, like healthcare, food and beverage, retail and hospitality. We are a growing digital marketing agency and continue to expand our team! If you are interested in a life as an intern at Target Market, you may also want to consider a career with our agency in full-time positions. Take a look at the employment we currently have to offer on LinkedIn!

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