You’ve made pitches, you’ve networked, and you’ve created a business you’re proud of. You know the steps of how to close the deal when you’re in a room with someone; eye contact, a strong handshake, and confidence are the keys to a good first impression. But what about the first impression that reaches the most people, the one that takes place behind a screen rather than face-to-face? 

Digital Presence

In 2019, there were over 3.5 billion social media users. A digital presence has far surpassed any other way to market and introduce your business to the online community.

Not only does your reach to potential customers grow exponentially, but social media has created a unique way to interact, engage and maintain those relationships. 

According to Forbes, 78% of consumer purchases are impacted by companies’ social media posts. This correlates with the outcome of a traditional sales pitch. If a customer is not impressed by what you’re selling, they’re not going to buy. On the digital side, if your social media posts aren’t accurately portraying the worth of your product, sales are likely to suffer.

Many people are also swayed by the opinions of their friends and family. Hubspot reported that 71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals.


Almost every aspect of a good business has its own way of being implemented on social media. Think about a shopping experience at a brick and mortar retail space. As you’re shopping you would look for an easy to find location, consistent and dependable hours of operation, good customer service, and an overall aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. All of these elements have ways of being reflected online through means of social media. Users want a clearcut business name to search for that’s well-established and easy to find on a variety of social platforms. 

Once your social media sites have been located, there has to be clear, quality content that is informative and relatable. Posts need to be consistent to show that there is attention and care put into this digital side of your business. Posting consistently and putting time into your social accounts also allows for opportunity to provide great customer service. Answering questions, engaging with customers, and showcasing user-generated content are all new ways of elevating customer service on a digital scale. 


It’s also important to ensure the first visual impression of your pages is a positive one, consisting of curated, branded content that uses your businesses logos, and colors. Just as you wouldn’t attend a networking event in your pajamas, you want to make sure your social media pages have a clean and professional look to them.

Now more than ever consumers are turning to social media prior to making any purchase. Studies have shown that 54% of social browsers use social media to research products, while 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help make purchasing decisions. These statistics show a reliance on social media throughout every stage of the buying process, from the initial questions of what to buy, to the ultimate decision making step of who to buy from. 

While the importance of a traditional first impression will never go out of style, it’s crucial to have an online presence that reflects your business and maintains the same quality impression of a face-to-face meeting.

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