Design aesthetics are constantly changing. Each year brings new fashion, interior design, and digital design trends. Fortunately for us in the digital world, playing with graphic design trends on your social media page or website is a little easier than decorating a room in your house to fit the latest aesthetic of the moment. To get you up to date with what you can expect to see in the upcoming year, I sat down with our Creative Director, Patrick Brickman, to talk graphic design trends for 2023.

AI Computer Art

Do you remember how your news feed was flooded with AI depictions of your friend’s faces? Well, that’s not likely to be going anywhere in 2023. Ever since Instagram users jumped at the chance to see what they would look like in AI, we’ve started to see even more filters and apps in our daily scroll. While we’re still seeing AI on Instagram, we’re also seeing it infiltrate TikTok trends and will likely see AI computer art influence other facets of digital design. Something to keep in mind for the next year: AI has already garnered some negative attention for copying the styles of IRL illustrators and painters without credit, so it may be best to proceed with caution.


If you scroll through the available filters when creating an Instagram story, you may notice that “Kodak” has a number of vintage filters to choose from. This makes sense, considering that vintage color palettes are one of the top graphic design trends for 2023. This year we will be seeing a lot more shades, texture, and noise reminiscent of vintage photographic film on everything from social media content to website design.

Color Palette Refresh 

The New Year is a great time to analyze what’s working for your brand and to start fresh if necessary. We find that many of our clients take time to assess their own creative at the start of each year by evaluating if their current logo aligns with their target audience and if it meets the quality of their business. Modernizing your logo and refreshing your color palette is a great way to elevate your brand and improve the quality of your graphic design content for the rest of the year. TargetMarket had a chance to take our own advice by recently refreshing our color palette, logo, and overall aesthetic. We can speak from experience when we say it has made us feel like we’ve leveled up.


The infographic that we’re all familiar with is normally a static image that churns out facts and figures, but 2023 will be ushering in the new and improved version of an infographic that reflects the brand in a more engaging, visual way. An example of this is the personalized data presented in Spotify Wrapped. This information combines eye-catching wallpapers with engaging designs that users want to save and share.


Prepare to be seeing a lot of neon both in graphic design and in physical spaces in 2023. While it’s unlike to see a brand go for an entirely neon color palette, splashes of bright colors will be all the rage, a style that echos the trends of the 1990s, but more on that later. LED will also be commonplace over the next year, as it is a fun and effective way to draw more attention to signage (we’re looking at you, Charleston Printing).

Responsive Design

One of the most interesting and important design trends that we’ll see on websites is known as responsive design. Responsive design is when the design and development of a website respond to the user’s behavior and environment. Elements such as rollovers, transitions, and subtle animations are ways that users can engage with the website. While these micro-interactions between the website and the user are unique and engaging, websites with user-responsive design are also great because they automatically adjust to different screen sizes. And with nearly 60% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, using a responsive design on your website is key in ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile display.


One of the trends that Patrick is interested in playing with is surrealism. This trend uses saturated colors, floating objects, and hazy elements to create strange but interesting worlds. Combining this graphic design trend with other hot typography styles can allow you to set your brand apart from the rest.


Graphic design trends often align with trends in other mediums like fashion and interior design. This is most noticeable in our next graphic design trend that takes inspiration from the decade of my birth– the 90s. We’ve already seen Gen Z take to the streets wearing things that we thought we’d never see again (hello, flared jeans) but as it turns out the 90s will be impacting our graphic design content as well. As we previously mentioned, neon will be having a moment in 2023, but we’ll also see some graphic design trends pulled from the darker side of the 90s, with punk and grunge elements like satirical imagery, collages, and graffiti. 

Looking for a marketing company to help elevate your creative in 2023? Contact TargetMarket today to see how we can make some of the top graphic design trends for 2023 work for your brand. We look forward to hearing about your goals and bringing your vision to life.

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