Influencers have become an integral part of the modern marketing landscape and influence more than just what we buy. These social influencers have the power to sway our thoughts, behaviors, and actions. More recently, we’ve seen an uptick in influencers on professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn creators are considered thought leaders who share organic content and have fueled tremendous cultural momentum in recent years.

LinkedIn For Creators

LinkedIn creators generate a community by regularly creating organic content revolving around inspiration, trending topics, and product education. These individuals have become increasingly popular, as LinkedIn creators are paving the way to build a presence, all while exploring their passions. Now you may be wondering, what exactly is the creator economy, and how are these individuals using this space? 

What Is The Creator Economy?

LinkedIn directly states that the creator economy is the system creators use to monetize internet content. Those with larger audiences have the opportunity to make money in this economy by posting and sharing content online intended to educate, persuade, or entertain. Some of this content may include ad-sponsored platforms, providing services to their audience, charging fees for access, collaborations, or creating businesses from their personal brand. The best part of the creator economy, and more specifically, LinkedIn creators, is that anyone has the ability to engage in this business model. Those with specific educational backgrounds or in specific niches can grow and maintain their audience base by connecting with others online and continuously posting desirable content.

What Is LinkedIn Creator Mode?

LinkedIn creator mode can help those in the creator economy to grow their reach and influence on LinkedIn. LinkedIn creators use this specific mode for the tools it offers and its ability to help them get discovered. Essentially, LinkedIn optimizes your profile for publishing content so that when you post, it will be more visible to other users. 

What Are LinkedIn Creator Benefits?

The first benefit of LinkedIn Creator mode is that your primary profile action button no longer reads “connect”, but instead  “follow.” This eliminates the need for the other person to approve the connection. Other benefits include

  • Build and send your own newsletter
  • The ability to use a 30-second video in place of your profile picture
  • Receive regular content tips from LinkedIn
  • Access to LinkedIn Live
  • Access to Creator Analytics

Creator mode is a wonderful way to build your brand by offering specific, relatable, and relevant content. LinkedIn creators can use creator mode to build communities around common interests with the intention of influencing and even making a profit. 

How Do I Turn On LinkedIn Creator Mode?

Do you have a specific niche or outlook that you think others can relate to or benefit from? If so, it may be time to turn on creator mode! To turn this feature on, follow the directions below

  1. Navigate to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Me” icon at the top right corner
  2. Scroll down to “Resources
  3. Click on the button that says “Creator mode: Off.” Toggle this to “On
  4. You’ll then add hashtags that correspond to the topics you tend to post about the most
  5. Choose up to five topics, and then hit “Done

Now that you’re officially part of the LinkedIn Creators community, it’s time to start rolling out that content, engaging your audience, and building your personal brand!

With LinkedIn boasting roughly 756 million professional users, it creates the perfect landscape for focusing on content within a specific niche. TargetMarket has tools to help you and your company develop a brand voice that reflects your mission and core values. We work with you on creating memorable content, recognizable personality, and gripping marketing collateral. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you grow your business through our comprehensive marketing solutions.

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