Email Marketing for Businesses: 8 Do's and Don'ts

Email marketing is an essential aspect of your overall marketing strategy – but it comes with its own set of rules. Use these tips to grow your online brand awareness and increase conversions and revenue!

DO: Conduct A/B Testing

Send identical emails to segmented lists with just 1 augmented change to see how it affects your click through rates and engagement.

An example of this is comparing results from two different layouts, offers, or email subject line. Take notes of the most successful campaign and use that data for future e-blasts.

DO: Track Metrics

Things to track and monitor include:

  1. Click Through Rates – How many people clicked on your photos and links
  2. Bounce Rate – How many emails were not delivered and do you need to take them off your list?
  3. List Growth – What rate is your list growing (or plummeting?)

DO: Make it optimized for mobile

Everybody is on-the-go and more people are checking their emails and social media accounts by phone than ever before. Cater to this large crowd by making sure your email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile and your website is responsive.

DO: Schedule at the right time

It’s doesn’t help anyone to schedule emails at 10:00pm on a Friday night (unless, perhaps, you are a nightclub with a flash drink special).

Think about who you’re sending your campaign to and when they’re most likely to check their email. For example, B2B relationships might consider sending emails at 10:00am on a Monday when employees are catching up on their emails from the weekend.

DONT: Make it confusing or difficult to unsubscribe

The easiest way to gain enemies and a frustrated audience is by making it difficult for members to unsubscribe. You should have it clearly stated at the bottom footer of each newsletter.

DONT: Forget your social media links

Keep your audience constantly engaged by including links to every social media platform. This will give your business additional momentum and reach to provide an overall consistency across all platforms. And if they follow links to your social media pages, you’re growing your brand awareness from all sides!

DONT: Spam inboxes

Sending out spam means emailing anyone who hasn’t given you their express permission to contact them through email opt in, and it’s illegal. Spamming also includes sending too many emails too frequently.

DONT: Forget to test your email

Create a separate subscriber list just for testing emails. This way you can see what it looks like from desktop and mobile before sending it to your entire list. Check for grammar mistakes, layout, spelling errors and everything in between.


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