This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of interning at TargetMarket (formerly The Modern Connection), a social media and digital marketing firm in the heart of downtown Charleston, South Carolina. As the social media intern, like the title suggests, my primary focus was everything social media, whether that meant learning about its intricacies or implementing my newly acquired knowledge to the various client accounts.

Responsibilities as the intern varied day by day; however, in general, my position required my assistance with anything social-related for my colleagues including writing blog posts, creating content for various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, staying active on social media by liking posts, following profiles, and pinning, scheduling out content, or designing brand specific creative graphics. To say the least, this internship allowed me to gain a holistic view of social media.

natalie dowling

As a close-knit firm, TargetMarket team works together to create success for each client. Success motivates everyone to work hard and stay on top of their time-consuming, detail-oriented work. As a detail-driven person, this type of work has complimented my talents while still pushing me to learn from a collaborative environment. When it comes to my contributions, I feel very supported, affirmed, and necessary to the team. Immersing myself in this industry has changed my perspective on the importance of social media from a business lens. In general, I have gained immense knowledge about the social media industry, working with others, and adapting to change.

As cliche as it may sound, interning has allowed me to gain priceless real-world experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. If you’re at all interested in the digital marketing industry, apply today for the Fall Internship Program at TargetMarket, you won’t regret it! Get in touch today.

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