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Several large companies have recently made headlines for GDPR infringements. On July 8, British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) posted a notice of its intent to fine British Airways $205.7 million for GDPR infringements. The following day, the ICO issued a notice of its intention to fine Marriott International $111.5 million for GDPR infringements relating to a 2018 cyber incident.

For those wondering what GDPR is, it stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It’s the reason why you see all those pesky pop-ups about cookies and privacy policies every time you visit a website. 

Under the terms of GDPR, organizations bear the responsibility of ensuring that personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions and that those who collect and manage it are required to protect it from misuse and exploitation, as well as to respect the rights of data owners.

When the regulations were first introduced last year, no one was sure how strictly they would be enforced, but considering that even Google was fined, it’s clear that a precedent is being set.

While the majority of companies affected are within the EU (European Union), some U.S. organizations must comply with GDPR rules, too. It’s also very likely that we’ll see an expansion of these regulations, making GDPR or a similar version of regulations applicable throughout the United States. 

Because we like to be proactive in order to best serve our clients, members of our team have been learning about the similarities and differences between GDPR and HIPAA and things that we can be doing now to make the medical websites that we build even more secure.

What We’re Loving

  • Canva: This is one of our top favorites at TargetMarket! Although we offer full-service custom graphic design services for branded collateral, Canva is a free graphic-design website (and app) that we often use to create graphics for social media. There are many different templates that can easily be edited to fit your needs. With the paid version, we’re able to save color palettes for each of our clients so that we can easily create social media graphics that are consistent with the colors used on their website. And since each of the social media platforms use their own image dimensions, Canva helps us resize images and graphics in just a few clicks of the mouse so that they are optimized for each platform.
screenshot of canva

What We’ve Launched

screenshot of preferred vascular group website

Our latest website launch is for Preferred Vascular Group, a multi-physician practice with five locations in Georgia as well as a location in Cleveland, Ohio. 

With their slogan, “Improving the Flow of Life,” we wanted to incorporate fluid design elements into their website. You’ll notice rounded edges, circular icons and curved lines that tie into the graphic element of their logo.

Aesthetics aside, the site is clean and easy to navigate with plenty of white space. In the coming months, we’ll regularly be adding new pages of content to make the website even more informative for visitors as well as to continually improve upon SEO. As with all of the medical websites that we build, any area that is collecting patient medical information through the website is HIPAA compliant.

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