You may think that the holidays start when the snow starts to fall and there is that change in the air. However, in the marketing world, the holiday season begins basically when Starbucks releases its holiday drinks and cups. They captivate their audience before the heat even goes away, and we are here to contribute to the madness every year. 

It can be intimidating to decide the best ways to market during the holidays. However, as a comprehensive digital marketing company, we’ve seen the ups and downs of these yearly decisions. This list of guided considerations makes an ideal marketing campaign that stays true every holiday season. 

Start Your Campaign Early 

It has been found that 56% of people completed their holiday shopping before December. Every business knows it is time to shift its marketing themes even before the holiday season. Slowly advertisements become centered around giving, spending time with loved ones, and taking a moment to appreciate the year we have had. When everyone is moving in this direction, it can be difficult to stand out among the masses. 

Planning is an important way to find yourself at the front of the holiday marketing pack. By starting your holiday marketing campaign early, you can set the standard and be at the forefront of consumers’ minds throughout the season. 

Show Gratitude To Your Customers 

While marketing your business for the season, it is also important to show gratitude to the customers that have been around the whole year, not just the holidays. The pursuit of new sales should not leave your current clientele feeling unappreciated. Something as simple as an email thanking those who have contributed to your sales can make them feel like a valued customer, drawing them to continue to buy from you. 

It has been found that 65% of a company’s business typically comes from existing customers. Now is the time to capitalize on the existing number, not just attempt to increase the percentage of new customers. 

Be Available On-The-Go During The Holidays 

Your customers are on the move during the holidays, getting all of their shopping done. While they may not be sitting there getting mail or watching commercials, there are plenty of other ways to reach them on the move. The key is deciding which methods are most useful for your intended audience. In a survey of over 2,000 American shoppers, Deloitte found that 38% reported buying a product they had first seen or read about in a marketing email on their mobile phone.

One of the best ways is to establish an effective presence on social media. Here, people can continue to see your product or service in line at the grocery store, in an airport, or anywhere in between. Another way to reach people wherever they are is by utilizing email marketing. Most people have email on their phones, so they can see when your ads come through. You may even get it to them at the perfect time! 

Keep An Emphasis On Retargeting 

So many companies are trying to get their name in front of the ideal consumer. It is easy to lose customers once they have viewed the website and not purchased anything the first time. This is a great time to work on your strategies for retargeting. Retargeting is a form of online targeting advertising that is served to people who have already visited your website or are a contact in your databases, such as a lead or customer. 

There are two forms of retargeting: pixel-based and list-based. Pixel-based retargeting redisplayed your material to someone who visited the site anonymously. This version is deemed as timely, which can be very useful during the holiday season of trying to reach people quickly while they are still shopping. List-based retargeting uses people you already have in your contacts. This can be a list you have received through sign-ups or a list that you have collected in another way. 

Be Courteous & Appeal To Emotion 

Your customers may celebrate many holidays around this time of year. It is important to shine a light on all of the necessary holidays in a genuine way that is more than just checking a box so the social media content calendar. By seeing what your audiences are celebrating and drawn to, they can feel further connected to your company’s missions and ideals. This is a great way to showcase the humanity behind the business, not just the goal of increasing sales before the end of Q4. 

The holidays are one of the most creative times of year for marketing teams if you meet it with the necessary preparation! By following this guide to marketing during the holidays, you can push your business to the finish line of 2022 and start the new year with a bang. Looking for a comprehensive marketing solutions team to help reach these goals year-round? TargetMarket could be a great addition to your new year! 

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