To help get you started with your holiday shopping (or help with the finishing touches if you’re an overachiever) we’re sharing our second annual holiday gift guide! Last year the category was productivity, but this year, we had the team at TargetMarket share the items that they just can’t live without. Our roundup is eclectic, just like the TargetMarket team, so we’re sure to help inspire gifts for even the pickiest person on your list. This list has also been edited considering our Director of Video Services, Chris, had written “Post-It Notes” as his item that he couldn’t live without, and well, we’re here to tell you that no one actually wants Post-It Notes. So without further ado, here’s the TargetMarket-approved 2022 holiday gift guide:

Apple Airpod Pro 2nd generation (with noise cancellation)

When asked why he couldn’t live without this product, CEO Nick Nydegger replied, “6 year old, 3 year old, 7 month old golden retriever, wife, 15+ employees.”

Enough said.

Nick Nydegger, CEO

Waterpik Advanced Water Flosser

This device makes flossing 100 times easier and is great for permanent retainers. Cordless is better so that you can use it in the shower if needed (since it can be messy). 

Dani Davis, Administrative Assistant

The Always Pan

This is a non-stick ceramic pan that you can cook basically anything in, and it doesn’t get stuck to it. It comes in a bunch of different colors to match anyone’s kitchen needs, and there is always a sale. It is described as turning 8 pans into 1 and comes with a strainer and a cooking spoon. I have the oatmeal color and love it. 

Natalie Preston, Account Manager

Apple Watch

My watch motivates me to exercise and close my rings each day. It also keeps me in the loop of my notifications. I can’t go a day without wearing it! 

Ashleigh Daniel, Project Coordinator

Free Fly Apparel

Whether you enjoy outdoor activities year-round or are looking for good athleisure around the house, Free Fly apparel is for you!  The main fabric blend is bamboo, so you’re guaranteed to be comfortable in short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, polos, shorts, dresses, skorts, hoodies, and so much more. The apparel can keep you warm on a cold, windy day, or keep you protected from the sun on a hot day on the water. 

Ashley Dority, Certified Paid Ads Specialist

Air Fryer

I honestly don’t remember the last time I used an oven. It’s faster, easier, and more convenient. I would go into starvation without my air fryer.

Danielle Boucher, Account Manger

Bookshelf Speakers

I purchased these for myself a few years back when I started getting into collecting vinyl. They aren’t super high end but for the price they sound great. You can also stream music through your phone or smart device using their bluetooth capabilities. 

Patrick Brickman, Creative Director

Home Office Chair

Our working environment at TargetMarket allows us to work remotely or in the office. My goal this holiday season is to makeover and upgrade our home office to make it more comfortable and stylish. In my search for a chair that I could sit in for hours a day, I came across this velvet office chair with a gold base. Not sure how I went without it for so long and there are so many colors to choose from!  

Kylie Parr, Senior Account Manager

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

It took me some time to justify paying this much for a vacuum, but I can’t live without it now! Being able to use it freely around the house without a cord is a game-changer, and it is lightweight, flexible enough to fit under small, hard-to-get areas, and comes with helpful attachments. They go on sale quite often, and I’m sure will have some markdowns around Black Friday! 

Jackie Foster, Director of Operations

LoveSac Blanket

While I’m aware that $150 for a blanket sounds absurd, I think my Footsac Blanket by Lovesac is one of my most prized possessions. My brother gifted it to me years ago, and after countless washes it is still as soft as it was on day one. It’s also incredibly warm, which is needed since my northern blood refuses to turn the heat on in my Charleston apartment. 

Abbay McCandless, Senior Account Manager

Japanese Airtight Pitcher

I recently have been bringing the comforts I experienced in Japan a little closer to home, and this one may just be for everybody! If you make teas, juices, or just want some chilled water then this pitcher is a game changer. Made in Japan, it has a slim, squared design that will easily fit in any nook and cranny within your fridge. Its airtight seal even allows you to store it laying sideways. It’s easily held with one hand and opened with a push of the finger. If you are making hot drinks then pour the boiling water right into its heat-resistant BPA-free plastic. With how quick and easy it is to make and store your favorite drinks you’ll start noticing they will be present in your fridge far more often. Now, if you want an authentic iced tea experience from Japan to try at home for yourself then pick up a bag of Ito En Barley Tea with your pitcher. Mugicha, as it’s called, is as popular as a chilled sweet tea is down here in the South. Just place a single bag of the barley tea into your pitcher, fill it up with boiling water, and let it chill snug in your fridge and enjoy!

Cory Carpenter, Senior Developer

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Perfect to wear at home when lounging, or keep it in the office to throw on when you’re cold. Any product really from Barefoot Dreams is a win.

Jackie Rupp, Account Manager

We hope our holiday gift guide helps you on all of your holiday shopping adventures! Happy hunting, and if you see Chris Hanclosky, remind him that there are better gifts out there than Post-It Notes. 

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