In a move that has sent rather confused shockwaves through the digital landscape, Twitter, the iconic social media platform, has undergone a rebrand, emerging as “X.” This unexpected evolution has left platform users buzzing with curiosity. Twitter, as a household name, has built a strong identity over the years. Many believe that X lacks a clear and compelling direction for the beloved social media platform. This leaves many questioning the future of Twitter…Ahem, we mean X. 

So, What’s Going On?

While it’s difficult to predict with absolute certainty, the adoption of the new name “X” is likely to face challenges in becoming widely accepted and used by the general public. Although the name change has certainly grabbed our attention, there are other noteworthy aspects that have also made us raise a brow. TargetMarket is here to point out some of the most prominent aspects of the rebrand thus far. 

Official Twitter Accounts Hold Old Branding

One of the rather interesting findings during this rebrand is the notable absence of certain prominent Twitter accounts, including @Twittersports, @Twitterdesign, @Twittermoments, and similar accounts with the “Twitter” identifier. Surprisingly, these accounts did not follow the transition to “X.” Instead, they have been converted into private accounts, accompanied by a bio message stating, “This account is no longer active. Follow @X for updates.” It’s not uncommon for rebrands to unfold over a period of time, yet it’s quite astonishing that some significant players within this transformation were seemingly left out of the rollout process.

X Premium

In addition to the general changes to Twitter, X now offers paid subscriptions. ​​Premium subscriptions are paid on a monthly or annual basis, where pricing starting at $8/month or $84/year in available countries. An active Premium subscription adds a blue checkmark to your account and offers early access to select new features. Some of these features include the ability to edit a post, see half the ads a non-paying user would see, receive prioritized rankings in conversations and search, the ability for subscribers to post up to 25,000 characters, custom app icons, and more. 

Blue To Black

Twitter’s rebranding is more than a mere aesthetic makeover – it’s a strategic move to realign itself with the evolving digital landscape. However, the logo is just the tip of the rebranding iceberg. Twitter’s interface and user experience have undergone substantial changes to complement the new visual identity. A revamped color palette places an emphasis on the color black. Elon Musk stated the  “X” design served to “embody the imperfections in us all that make us unique.” The typography has also been reworked to be more inclusive and accessible, a nod to the platform’s commitment to fostering open dialogue among diverse users. Paid users have access to premium themes that let you choose from colorful options for your app theme.

Ok…But Why The Name Change?

So you’re still confused as to why Elon Musk would opt for a name change when we as a society have changed our vernacular to say things like Tweet. On July 23rd, 2024, the owner of X, Elon Musk, tweeted, “Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X, the everything app.” He went on to elaborate that the term “tweeting,” which was once synonymous with 140-character messages, has evolved into a platform featuring images, videos, voice, and much more. This evolution no longer aligns with the platform’s original purpose.

While we may not have specific details, it seems that Elon Musk’s decision to change Twitter’s name to “X” is rooted in a strategic vision to reshape the platform and align it with his broader goals and aspirations. 

Contact Our T(ea)M

Twitter’s decision to rebrand to X is bound to be viewed with skepticism as it navigates an uncertain path toward establishing a new identity in a competitive and rapidly evolving digital landscape. But no fear; our team is here to keep you updated! Are you looking for a team to keep up with continuous social media changes for you? Contact us today to get started.

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