Is your business on Pinterest? Are you “pinning” your content? With over 200 million active users and billions of unique pins, Pinterest is continuing to rapidly grow as we speak. You’ve probably tried a recipe or two from Pinterest yourself, however, it’s no longer just a place for viewers to find inspiration for an upcoming party or living room decor tips.

What people may not realize is aside from the endless DIY crafts, it’s also a great way to drive organic website traffic and increase brand awareness. One pin can lead to a completely new audience and thus two pins, three pins, and so on. It can also create a community of followers and allow you to build a loyal relationship with your pinners. Pinterest can be essential for your company’s growth and is worth looking into creating a Pinterest strategy for your business.

Here are a few tips to get you started and further increase your Pinterest engagement.

1. Create boards that clearly define and personalize your brand

Allow this to be almost like a visual shopping center for your customers. Therefore, ensure that your products and/or services are highlighted throughout your profile. Link directly to products so customers can purchase straight from Pinterest.

2. Update your account often and spread your pins out by using Buffer or Tailwind

Both allow you to schedule pins ahead of time throughout the day, week, and month. Start by pinning around five times a day from a variety of different sources and continue depending on the increase in traffic. You may be thinking, “I don’t have time for another app,” but with the help of either of these, there’s no need to be concerned!

3. Include a relevant description for your pins

This is incredibly important and can make or break your pin. Yes, Pinterest is heavy on the visual side, but when it comes to searching, keywords will help your pins appear in searches. Ensure your description clearly states what the image is of and what it is being linked to. Be thoughtful and detailed. Possibly include a call to action such as “Check out our menu here!” for more website clicks.  

4. Add a “Pin It” or “Follow Me” button to your website

This will direct viewers to your profile and encourage them to save your content and follow you! This can be added to blog posts, photos, or any other “pinnable” content.

5. Take advantage of holidays and seasons

During these times, Pinterest is more active than usual and users are searching specifically for “Christmas Dinner Recipes”, “Graduation Gift Ideas”, “Easter Decorations”, etc. Be sure to post this content well ahead of time, because once the time period passes it won’t be as popular.

6. Pay attention to what others are pinning and use this as research

Infographics and how-to guides tend to be very popular and can go viral. Is there a potential here for your business? Re-pin relevant content that is trending and comment on your audience’s posts. After all, Pinterest is a social network!

Now it’s your turn! We guarantee you’ll see a difference in your online presence with the help of Pinterest.  If you are interested in growing your Pinterest traffic but don’t know where to start, give us a call at (888) 632-4499 or chat with us here.

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