In case you’ve missed it, Rift Studios has undergone some significant changes in the last few months! Not only have we changed locations, but we’ve improved our studio space to offer more space, more capabilities, and an elevated overall experience. This upgrade in the size of the studio isn’t the only improvement Rift has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect when you book at Rift Studios. 

Though we’ve always taken pride in being conveniently located to any crews that may be visiting from out of town, our new location in North Charleston is even more centrally located than our previous place in West Ashley. Our studio address has moved to 5841 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, which is about ten minutes from downtown and about five minutes from the airport. 

Rift Studios first opened its doors in early 2022 and offered Charleston-area creatives a place to shoot commercials, e-commerce, interviews, and so much more. Our original space boasted essential features, such as a soundproof room and studio, state-of-the-art equipment, and a dressing room for on-site talent. The new and improved Rift Studios still offers these features that you know and love but have continued to level up the size and quality of these offerings. 

One of the main perks of our larger space is the producer rooms, including one with a window so you can see and discuss what’s going on without interrupting the shoot or interfering with the sound. In addition to these rooms, there is also a separate kitchen and lounge area just outside of the studio for use in between takes.

As we previously mentioned, Rift is bigger than ever before. When you book at Rift Studios, you can expect a large main studio with cyc walls to match its size. Our green cyc wall measures 24 feet wide on the long side, 15 feet wide on the short side, and has a 22-foot by 13-foot depth. Our white cyc wall is even more expansive, with a 31-foot wide long wall, a 22-foot wife short wall, nine-and-a-half feet height, and a 29-foot by 20-foot floor depth overall. More room allows for more ways to create! 

Another benefit you can look forward to when you book at Rift Studios is the ample parking we have surrounding the studio. As much as we enjoyed our previous location, parking could be a pain. We are now pleased to offer parking in front and behind the building, with a large door facing the parking lot to help simplify the setup and tear-down process. 

One of the most exciting changes at Rift Studios is that our creative space shares a roof with our parent company, TargetMarket! As a creative digital marketing agency, our team is constantly running back and forth between the studio and the office, which means you have a team right next to you to help you with anything you may need during your shoot. For clients who have signed up for multiple services with us, you can count on a seamless, one-stop shop to get all of your marketing collateral seamlessly and easily without sacrificing quality. 

Book at Rift Studios

​​For more information about how you can book your next project in a state-of-the-art studio, check out the Rift Studios website, contact [email protected], and follow @RiftStudiosCHS on Instagram and Facebook. Whether you’re in need of a place to record, shoot, or film, we’ve got you covered. Elevate all your photography and videography projects when you book at Rift Studios!

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