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With the expansion to 280 characters back in November of last year, Twitter continues to innovate and improve the user experience. This time, they’ve released a new site called Twitter Media for media organizations looking to maximize the potential of their brand.

The new addition should prove useful for companies on the platform, and follows suit of other social media sites that provide resources and marketing information for users of companies (like Instagram and Facebook).

This new site implements guides on how to utilize all of Twitter’s features, as well as resources detailing the best ways to improve your business. Case studies are even featured to showcase success stories.

The site is easy to navigate, and provides useful information, even for users that aren’t affiliated with a particular brand or company. The guides range in difficulty from easy to advanced, so there is something for everyone to explore and search for.

Users not associated with a company can even find useful information on the site if they’re looking to improve on a more personal level.

Twitter Media also separates their resources into sections, based on fields of work. These sections include guides in sports, entertainment, and news industries. For example, the news media section offers information on how to cover breaking news events in under 280 characters.

Twitter ad tools like Media Studio can be accessed on the site as well. This will allow users to easily manage their photos and videos on the platform.

All of these resources aim to create an increase in followers, boost engagement, and brand awareness. Twitter Media aims to improve businesses on the platform, and companies should check it out if they are looking to gain more traction with their brand.

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