Creating a brand voice to explain who you are as a business is of utmost importance. These traits of who you are, not just what you sell, should be spread across all platforms on social media. Your business goals are to be liked, known, and trusted by your following audience. Let’s take a look at some ways you can create this experience.

Create a Style Guide for Reference

Creating a reference guide is key to staying consistent with your voice and tone. After all, you may have multiple people writing for your company, you may hire someone new, you may have someone else build a landing page, etc. This will help keep track of your brands personality and help others working with you stick to your company values and tone. Here are some tips for creating a guide:

  • Who is your audience? Take a deeper look into who you are targeting.
  • Look at traits that your competitors might not be taking advantage of.
  • Pick a list of adjectives that you want your brand to embody. Casual, formal, friendly, etc.
  • What is or is not your sense of humor?
  • Include your branded colors and fonts to use across all platforms. Apply these colors to your text and photos.

Use Analytics

Here is where you can take a look at your raw data and pinpoint your exact audience. Sometimes this is not what you would expect. According to MeetEdgar, “If you want to sharpen your voice for an existing audience on social media, your Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics can help you hone in on who’s reading your content. Both of these offer you demographic breaking down your audience by age, location, gender identity, and more.” This step will significantly help increase the engagement of your followers.

Use Your Voice in Unexpected Places

No matter how small, there are lots of opportunities to reinforce your brand and voice. Give people what they like in places they wouldn’t expect. Who says your About Page on Facebook has to be so serious? Are you thinking about posting a job listing? Add a bit of your personality. Take advantage of these unexpected places and include your voice across all boards.

Respond in Your Voice

Pay attention to your users and listen to what they like. “It’s not just what you are talking about but it’s how you are talking about it,” says MeetEdgar. Social Media is a two-way street and responding to your audience is most important. Embrace the things your users like to hear and incorporate them into your marketing personality.  

Creating a guide, targeting your audience, listening to your followers, and adding your brand’s voice wherever you can, will help make your company’s appeal even stronger. Here at TargetMarket, we like to take a friendly, informative and honest approach. Do you need help creating your own branded voice? Give us a call today at (888) 632-4499 or fill out our free consultation form here and we will be in touch!

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