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Despite controversy in the media and skepticism from people all over the world, Facebook continues to release updates for the site to improve customer experience and decrease any concerns users may have.

With over two billion monthly active users, there are many components that make it the most popular social media site in the world. One of these features is groups. Facebook’s focus is creating connections, and groups allows you to engage with communities with similar interests.

Some people create groups for actual communities, while others create them to find like minded people who also enjoy the same movies or TV shows. There are Facebook groups for anything and everything, and if you’re on Facebook, you’re probably a part of one.

Facebook wants to strengthen these communities, so they’ve created more features to help admins fully utilize their groups and the people within them. A few of these updates include:

Admin Support

Admins will now have a specific place they can go to report problems in their groups or to ask a general question. These will go straight to a Facebook employee, and their goal is to reply with a response within one business day. Currently, it’s only available on iOS and Android for a limited number of admins, but will continue to grow this year.

Online Admin Education Resources

In addition, to help with specific issues, Facebook has created a place admins can go to learn how to protect their communities and keep them engaged. The online resources include product demos, tutorials, and case studies that were pulled from other admins.

New Features for Group Rules

Facebook is improving group rules by adding features for when a member of a group violates a rule. Moderators can now, notify the member on they rule they specifically broke and write notes in an activity log to share with the group admin and other moderators.

Pre-Approved Members

Hundreds of members in one group can result in admins and moderators spending a lot of time approving their posts. Now, members can be pre-approved, meaning none of their posts will have to go under review before being posted. This will save them more time, especially if they know a certain user always follows group rules.

Want to learn more about Facebook’s new tools for group admins? Give us a call at (888) 632-4499 for a free, no-obligation consultation today. We’d love to help you out!

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