#WebWeds: Managing a Crisis on Social Media

Note: This was featured as part of our Web Wednesday segment on Charleston’s 105.5 The Bridge with Box in the Morning. You can catch us every Wednesday morning at 8:20 am ET for your dose of social media & digital marketing news. You can listen to the segment below:

With recent current events and tragic news in the media each day, we want to prepare your business for using best practices when it comes to managing your social media during a crisis. Keeping your online reputation intact is critical during a tragedy.

1. Do not capitalize.

During a tragedy, the number 1 rule to remember is that this is not about you. Do not use a negative event that is a trending topic as a way to push your brand’s strategy or sell products. You can face some serious social media backlash for something like that.

Brands are often criticized for not humanizing their social media efforts in times of tragedy. If you make the decision to respond, be sure your message is meaningful and heartfelt.

2. Check your scheduled content.

As soon as you hear of a crisis, review your scheduled posts to make sure there isn’t anything that could come across as insensitive.

3. Stay alert.

Unfortunately, bad things happen at all hours of the day. Create a plan of action in case you need to respond during off hours and stay on the pulse of what’s happening locally and in the world and be alert for breaking news beyond the 9-5.

4. Go dark.

If you’re not sure exactly how to respond during a crisis, the best practice is to go dark. Ask yourself “does this post really NEED to go out today?” And if not, push it to later in the week.

Just remember, it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. Do you have a strategy for your business? If not give The Modern Connection a call at 843-718-2988 or fill out our consultation form.

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