#WebWeds: 5 Strategies for Increasing Your Reach On Twitter

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Social media algorithms are constantly changing, and in order to keep your brand’s reach on social media higher than the others, you need to stay updated with the new, modified trends. Because everyone is using Twitter, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and stand out. Twitter’s true value and purpose is to stay engaged with your audience.

Here are a few ways to increase your reach with the new Twitter algorithm:

Re-use Your Top Engaging Posts

When you notice that there is text your audience loves from weeks ago, reusing it is easy engagement. You can change the format of the post by adding the tweet onto a picture to make it a bit different, or you can easily just tweet it again! As you know, the Twitter feed moves very fast, so reusing a tweet that attracted a large crowd at one point can be helpful to increasing your reach!

(And if you use a tool like our favorite social media scheduler Buffer, you can “re-buffer” or re-share an old tweet with just the click of a button.)

Experiment With Posting Times  

Posting on your timeline when a majority of your audience is asleep may not be your smartest option. It’s important to experiment with different times during the day that will work best for your business. Brands typically see the greatest amount of Twitter engagement during weekdays, in the early mornings, and late afternoons, when users are the most active. Timing your tweets can help your account gain more attention, which could benefit your brand in the end.

Use Visuals

You are more likely to attract a larger audience by including visual content. People prefer videos, images and GIFs included in your tweets to capture their attention when scrolling through a repetitive feed. Visuals provide a storyline, which might be harder to achieve with only text. You will notice more people stop and like or share the post, and your feed will encourage deeper engagement.  

Strategic Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of Twitter usage. Hashtags offer the benefit of helping your audience find you when they search the hashtag you’re using. It is important to have at least one hashtag on each tweet to attract the proper and relevant audience. Make sure your hashtags have to do with your industry so it makes it easier for the crowd to find you!


If you want to gain a larger following of people, a good way to start is to begin by interacting with their content first. Following, liking, tagging, responding to and retweeting their content will make them give the same in return. Regularly engaging with other people will attract more eyes on your brand and will score more potential followers, while creating relationships.

Twitter competition is very steep and it is extremely beneficial to your business to understand ways to put strategies in place so you can one-up the competition. For more information on ways to increase your reach on Twitter, call us as (888) 632-4499 for a FREE consultation.

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