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Facebook is an important social media outlet that almost every business uses today. It’s one of th8e largest networking websites in the world with an ever-evolving algorithm. Having a lot of engagement on Facebook is incredibly beneficial as it helps drive more and more people to your website, increasing sales for your business. It’s important for your business to stay up to speed with the constantly changing algorithm as it’ll be beneficial to your brand in the long run.

What Affects Facebook Reach?

There are many factors that affect how many people you reach with your posts. Affinity is how much of a connection you have with each of your fans on Facebook. If you get them to like and comment on your content, you demonstrate a high affinity, and they’re more likely to see more of your posts in the future.

Weight is assigned based on the type of content you post. Facebook users are more engaged with visual content as it’s much more interesting and enjoyable. You want to lessen the amount of decay on your Facebook page. Decay is greater for older posts, which are less likely to appear in current feeds.

In order to increase the amount of people who view your content, you will benefit most from increasing affinity and weight and reducing decay. Here’s how you can do this:

Find The Best Time To Post  

Conduct an experiment to see which days and times your posts receive the most attention.When trying out different times, you’re able to catch on to a pattern when the most people are active on Facebook. There are times your audience may be at work or school, and identifying these time slots is important so you can have an idea of the best time to post your content. Facebook even allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time which is a helpful tool!

Tell Stories

Storytelling makes marketing more tolerable and enjoyable. If you want people to engage with your Facebook posts, you need to share content they want to see. Facebook stories is a feature that businesses can utilize so they have the opportunity to appear right at the top of the Facebook feed and grab more people’s attention. Facebook stories allow businesses to post relevant information that gives the audience a better experience than written text would.  

Question & Answer Session

Posting questions and answers on Facebook is a good way to enable interaction. People want to be heard and giving them the opportunity to voice their opinion will make the audience more engaged. When you ask a question, people who can relate to the question will find it hard not to answer.

There are many ways you can connect with people on a deeper level using Facebook. Keeping your audience fully engaged is valuable for your business, but knowing ways to keep them entertained and engrossed in the content is what can really strengthen your brand.

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