At TargetMarket, we love making goals to reach both for ourselves and our clients each year. The new year is a great starting point, so we asked each one of our team members what their personal and professional resolutions are for 2019.


I focus less on resolutions and more so on a word for the year. For 2019, my word for the year is growth,  and I am looking forward to really pushing myself out of my comfort zone to grow both personally and professionally.

Personal: On a personal level, I want to grow as a mother, a partner, a friend and to really know what’s best for myself. I’m truly taking Abraham Maslow’s quote and applying it to my life:” In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

Professional: Professionally, I really want to reach more small business owners in 2019 and offer them the support they need to really tell the story of their business online. One of my favorite things about what I do at The Modern Connection is connecting with fellow business owners and learning about their unique challenges and strengths in their own companies. Being surrounded by the movers and shakers of the world is so inspiring, and I absolutely love developing and growing those relationships.


Personal: So many things! I have a lot of goals for my house – continuing to furnish and learning more about landscaping. I certainly did not inherit my grandpa’s green thumb, so I will be working on this. Particularly planting a garden for fresh veggies because that ties into my resolution of eating healthy this year. I also would love to find a good Church in the area that we can call home.

Professional: I am always fine-tuning my communication. In my role – it’s imperative that my communication is spot on internally for the team and externally for clients and promotional purposes. For this reason, I have to stay organized and keep all updates in a planner so that no stone is left unturned. I’m also a big proponent of continuing education and plan on taking advantage of free online courses and courses offered through our local library.


Personal: I have two personal goals this year! I want to learn something new, like maybe how to build something (that has always been so intimidating to me!) or teach myself something new. Not sure what it is going to be yet, but I’m making the goal and I plan on keeping it! Another would be to trust my gut. I oftentimes find myself second guessing my instincts even though deep down, I know what is right. I think writing this out even helps me remember to go with my instincts!

Professional: These might sound silly, but I think the smallest things can make a difference. So I am resolving to get up from my computer once an hour and spend 2-3 minutes stretching, a good deep stretch, to ease up my neck muscles (which is just part of that digital life!) And I also am setting a goal for myself to read an industry related book. I do lots of research and I am constantly reading articles, but I want to dive deeper into a specific topic. The book is tbd, but I’m on the search! Accepting recommendations. ;)


Personal: New Year’s resolutions are my THING. I love getting to start fresh and make goals for self-improvement. This year, I’ve made a handful of resolutions for myself and have even created progress tables to help keep myself accountable throughout the year. They include paying down debt, running more so I can run a 5K, and reducing my screen time on my phone.

Professional: I would like to learn more about graphic design to improve my abilities with Adobe Illustrator in creating icons and graphics for TMC and our clients. I would also love to find a good marketing podcast to continue learning more about our ever-changing industry.


Personal: As a Social Media Manager, things can be thrown at you at all hours and it can be hard to take time for yourself to unplug. I have fully accepted my addiction and love for social media, but I vow to fully take advantage of our unplug days given here at TMC. In 2019, I’m going to use my unplug days do something positive for my body and mind, whether it’s taking a walk on the beach with my pup or treating myself to a manicure.

Professional: Professionally I would like to learn something new every day. Whether I am learning a new skill or reading up on trends in the industry, I’d like to push my creative limits and continue to grow in my career.


Personal: A personal goal of mine is to expand my blog,, in the new year. I’d like to reach a larger market and continue to grow creatively and try new things.

Professional: Professionally, I’d like to learn more about the back end of websites and really dive into WordPress to understand it further. There’s always room to learn more!

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2019?

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