If you’re following us on social media then you might already know a bit about Rift Studios, the photo and video production space that’s owned and operated by key members of the TargetMarket team. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on all the fun tidbits we post about Rift, our clients, and our team (here’s your not-so-subtle hint to use the handy little icons in our footer to follow @TargetMarketCHS on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And don’t forget to check out our LinkedIn)!

Whether you’ve been along for the ride so far or not, we’re going to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of Rift Studios so you know exactly what the space offers to creatives in Charleston and beyond!

Rift Studios is opening its doors to become Charleston’s premier venue for videography, photography, sound recording, and special events. The studio is now available to rent for half or full days and extended periods as needed.

Located in West Ashley, Rift Studios is a versatile space that easily accommodates productions of all shapes and sizes. From commercial filming to bridal portraits and everything in between, the studio can adapt to fit any scenario. 

The turnkey studio is outfitted with:

  • Total soundproofing for studio-quality audio recording
  • Large white and green cyc wall for a seamless backdrop
  • Ceiling grid with limitless lighting possibilities
  • Twin barn doors allow commercial-sized vehicles in for equipment and shooting purposes
  • Large, fully soundproofed space equipped with mirrors and lights for hair, makeup, and wardrobe
  • Space for editing and workflow areas within the main studio
  • Office space to keep producers on-site
  • Ample parking for production trailers, commercial vehicles, transpo vans, and crew vehicles

Rift’s all-inclusive concept was crafted by people already invested in different facets of Charleston’s media industry. Studio owner, Nick Nydegger, is the also founder and CEO here at TargetMarket.

Operations at Rift Studios will be helmed by our very own Director of Video Services, Chris Hanclosky, who is Managing Partner at Rift. Chris is a veteran videographer and photographer with an established presence in the Charleston media community. Hanclosky has drawn on his wealth of experience to position Rift as the ideal location for video, photo, and audio production.

“What makes Rift’s opening so exciting is the fact that it will serve many purposes for different projects,” says Hanclosky. 

The turnkey setup and optimal location make Rift a ready-made production hub for renters. “This studio is pretty much an all-inclusive production space. Plus, the property allows for all parts of production to happen on-site. That’s something that I think will not only benefit large scale or out-of-town talent and crew but also give the many amazing Charleston creatives right here something to utilize and appreciate,” he adds. 

For more information, check out the Rift Studios website, send a note to [email protected], and follow @RiftStudiosCHS on Instagram & Facebook. For all you professionally-minded folks out there, you can also hop on the Rift Studios LinkedIn page to stay up-to-date on everything happening.

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