Rules. The word that no one really loves to hear, right? Giveaways and promotions have become increasingly popular on social media but remember, there are certain rules to follow when creating social media contests. Rules and regulations are constantly changing on Facebook so it can be difficult when it comes to knowing what is legal and what isn’t legal. Let’s take a look at the can’s and can’ts for running a social media contest on Facebook.

Where to Host Promotions

  • Can – Host the contest on your page timeline
  • Can – Host the contest using a Facebook campaign
  • Can – Host the contest on a custom Facebookxds/ app
  • Can’t – Host a contest on a personal Facebook page

What Your Promotions Must Include

  • When running a contest you must include your promotions official rules
  • A notification that Facebook is not liable or relatable to your contest
  • Terms for your contest
  • Make sure your contest complies with laws in your region   

What You Can And Can’t Ask Your Followers

  • Can – Ask them to comment to win
  • Can – Like the post to enter
  • Can – Ask them to post on a page to enter
  • Can’t – Require fans to like your page in order to win, but you can ask them to
  • Can’t – Ask them to share a page to enter
  • Can’t – Ask them to share the contest on a friend’s timeline
  • Can’t – Ask followers to tag themselves in pictures in exchange for a chance to win
  • Can’t – Ask them to like a different page to enter or like multiple pages to enter  

Ways to Contact Your Winners

  • Make a comment in the comment stream of your post
  • Contact the winner by sending an email provided upon your contest entry, if applicable
  • Send a Tweet
  • Make an announcement on your website or blog
  • Post a status update

To choose a winner, use a comment/like importer tool with this random entry selector guide from

Time to put these contests to work! If you want to steer clear of any trouble from Facebook, contact us at TargetMarket today. We have the experience to help your business grow through your online presence, including the knowledge of what’s legal on your social media platforms.

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