Just when we thought millennials were the tech-savviest of the bunch, enter Generation Z. Defined as those born between 1995-2015, they were practically born with mobile devices in their hands. Having this advantage, (or disadvantage depending on how you look at it) they don’t know what it was like before computers and smartphones inhabited our world. They grew up with the digital world at their fingertips and expect information at the ready. 

When it comes to reaching these techies, it’s imperative to make sure that your digital presence is in line. From your website to social media platforms, we have a few tips to ensure you are grabbing Gen Z’s attention and keeping it. 


Digital marketing efforts should be top priority. Start with a mobile-friendly website design that will adapt to any screen size. From iPhones to iPads or Android devices, a website should be responsive to these changing dynamics and allow the best user experience for this Generation that expects nothing less. If your website has high bounce rates, chances are your website isn’t user-friendly. If this is the case, it may be time for a website redesign or updates to appeal to a broader audience. 

Helpful additions include making your brand easy to find elsewhere online with social media icons front and center on the homepage of your website. This gives them the opportunity to follow along for more information or product updates. An email capture is another must-have option to allow Gen Z’ers to sign up for updates direct from your company. 

Social Media

With any generation, you want to meet them where they are online. For Generation Z, they are more inclined to follow video-based platforms or platforms with a video component, think Instagram and TikTok. 

Generation Z likes to be entertained; so content should be focused on information and educating, all while providing an entertainment factor. Ask yourself what are some of the reasons someone would visit your social media accounts rather than your website? Think behind the scenes, product/event updates, customer opinion surveys, and showcasing your brand’s authentic personality and beliefs. This is the type of content that will translate well with Generation Z. 

As we are exposed to more and more digital information, our attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. This is especially true for Generation Z, so keep content and video content short and sweet. You want to entertain but in digestible snippets they can relate to. As video and stories become even more popular, this type of content won’t be going anywhere soon. 

Another important factor with social media is engagement. Generation Z expects brands to respond and engage with their posts. They want to have a voice and feel that online content can be collaborative. We always recommend responding to each comment directly- whether positive or negative, especially if the business is tagged. 


Reaching Generation Z through email is similar to the way you would build out content for this audience. If you have multiple products or more than one piece of information to convey, break these into segments with short succinct messaging. If your brand has captured Generation Z’s attention and they have signed up for updates via email, this is another step in building a relationship with your customer and the brand. They want to hear from you and fairly often. Take this opportunity to send them exclusive content and specials to keep them engaged. 

If reaching Generation Z seems like too much of a challenge for your brand, let us know. We can jump in and help you brainstorm ways to reach your audience on their favorite platforms. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started. 

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