We all know how important it is to be on social media. However, not many realize how equally important your engagement is. So what exactly is engagement? This includes people liking, commenting, sharing, and overall interacting with your posts. The more that people engage with your post, the more Facebook and Instagram will push it out to new people as they see this as a popular post. There are a few specific strategies that can help take your engagement and thus your account to the next level. Check them about below and give them a try!

1. Write a caption that is captivating

People are spending time looking at your photos and reading your captions, so make sure their time is worth it! Make people hear what you want to say. Grab their attention with emojis, introduce yourself, use humor, the list goes on! 

2. Include a call to action

Instruct your followers to do something whether it’s sharing where they live, what their favorite thing is about your company, or simply saying “double tap” if you like this photo! This is also a great opportunity to receive valuable feedback from your followers on what they like or dislike about your brand. 

3. Host a giveaway

If you are able to, offer your followers a chance to win one of your products or services! Have entrants tag a friend to enter to win. This will then show your post to that friend and that friend will enter by tagging another friend and so on. There will instantly be a buzz about your brand because who doesn’t love free stuff?!

4. Ask your followers to comment with their own pictures

This is a great tactic for your Facebook page. It’ll get people talking plus, if the photos are of good quality, you may be able to repost these with the user’s permission! 

5. Finally, engage!

An easy way to increase your engagement is to do just that: engage! Whether you are commenting, liking, or sharing someone else’s post, the majority of the time people will reciprocate and give your account some love as well! We recommend engaging with your follower’s posts and also on relevant hashtags to find new potential followers. This will also help you create great relationships with your followers and fellow businesses on the platform. 

Increasing your engagement won’t happen overnight and is always an ongoing task. You will need to spend time analyzing your audience and using analytics to see which tactics give you the best result. Not sure where to begin? Contact us today and we can help you improve your business’s engagement! 

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