So you’ve decided to take the plunge into building a website with TargetMarket; congratulations! The entire TargetMarket team loves a new website project because it’s an excellent way for us to come together as a team and create something unique and customized to our client’s needs. We know that creating a new website is exciting but also has the potential to be overwhelming at times, which is why we wanted to create a guide for everything you can expect when building a website with TargetMarket.

What to Consider When Building a Website with TM 


The average website timeline quote from TargetMarket is 90 days, but this can be expedited if the client is prepared and responsive throughout the process. While the TargetMarket team is here to help you with any elements you need for your website, this will likely add additional time. If time is of the essence for your business, we’re outlining some of the website aspects to come prepared with to stay on time.


Content refers to the website copy or website text that you’d like to use on your website. For clients with a current live site, using the content or at least some of the already published content is common. If you are building a website with TargetMarket, assess whether your current website copy is viable and accurate. 

If you’re starting fresh, decide who is writing the content. If you plan on writing the content but need some help getting started, we can provide you with a site map to serve as an outline. Keep in mind the TargetMarket team also has content writers that can help write website copy optimized for SEO, so if you decide to go that route, we’ll just need some background information about your business or other bullet points you want to include on the site. 


In addition to website text, we also recommend that you get your imagery options organized. While it’s not a prerequisite to have imagery, it’s good to have an idea of how you’d like your site to look. Consider how you feel about using stock imagery or if you’d prefer photos of your actual team, products, or business. We have a full photo and video team that can take photos for your website if necessary. This becomes especially useful if you require team headshots or an embedded video explaining what your business does. If you are providing imagery for your site, ensure it is high quality and up to date.


Building a website with TargetMarket is also a great time to assess the branding (link to signs you’re in need of a rebrand) of your business. A new website is a perfect time to start fresh if there are other aspects of your digital marketing that you’re not happy with. We’ll need your company colors, fonts, and logo. Whether you decide to refresh your branding or keep it the same, our design team can create a brand guide for you and ensure your website is well-branded and true to your business.


We are prepared to integrate and include any necessary elements to ensure your new website is well-rounded and user-friendly. Whether it’s a blog integration, HIPAA-compliant forms, fillable forms, or downloadable PDFs, we’ve done it before and can do it for you; just let us know! We are also well-versed in integrating third-party platforms such as online payment systems and patient portals. When building a site with TargetMarket, just let us know all the extra elements applicable to your website, and we can factor that into your timeline.

Other Important Information

Providing us with additional information upfront helps prevent any unexpected issues and allows us to quickly resolve any problems that may arise in the future. Let the TargetMarket team know where your domain was purchased from (the most common answer to this is GoDaddy), where you’re currently hosting, and account logins for any other plugins or necessary website preferences. If you’d like to keep this information separate from TargetMarket, you absolutely can, but be aware that we cannot assist in certain situations (like if your domain expires).

Contact Us

Are you ready for a new website? Contact TargetMarket today, and we can provide you with a professional, structured, and engaging website or elevate your current website. Our team is here for you throughout the whole process and can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. We look forward to hearing about your goals and bringing your vision to life.

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