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In August of 2016, we saw Facebook-owned Instagram add in Instagram Stories. These stories were short, sweet and eventually deleted themselves – much like a Snapchat story would. This option was then available in 2017 for businesses and gave them another opportunity to showcase their personality, behind the scenes content, new product sneak peeks and more! These stories were a way to stay interactive with followers without ruining the beautiful Instagram grid. The only downfall for a business with stories was that it spends time creating this content that’s eventually going to disappear – which could be viewed as a time waster.

Instagram took note and added in another update at the end of 2017 – Instagram Story Highlights. This was a way to keep this Story content right on your Instagram page above your actual grid. So all that content you worked on can be neatly placed in a Highlight that’s there as long as you want it to be. This has been a great opportunity for brands to showcase various story highlights as a part of their brand and Facebook is now following suit.

With the popularity of Instagram stories, it’s time for brands to jump on this bandwagon that gives their followers a way to see more behind the scenes content. Facebook stories and story highlights will be very similar to Instagram – meaning that content you’ve created for your story can be repurposed and saved for the story highlight. You’ll want to create highlights based around your brand’s personality – some examples could include: meet the team, news, tips, behind the scenes, product info, service info, shop now, etc. The sky is the limit here. These are just now starting to roll out to various facebook profiles, so it’s a good time to plan ahead and get started thinking about what you could potentially use these to create more content for your followers on Facebook with the ultimate goal – to keep them coming back and to stay top of mind.

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