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In the world of marketing, you may or may not have heard about the restaurant that everyone is talking about. IHOP is grabbing everyone’s attention with their new strategy: changing from IHOP to IHOB.

Most people think the change is ridiculous and aren’t exactly sure why the company made this adjustment, but it is actually a brilliant strategy.

Rather than be known as the “International House of Pancakes,” they are rebranding and switching to the “International House of Burgers.” The company has a new line of hamburgers, so what better way to let everyone know by changing their name?

For one, the switch had everyone talking about them (in a positive and negative way). Either way, publicity is publicity. iHOP, is known for their pancakes, so changing the name made everyone worried and go in a (Twitter) frenzy (see our fave tweets below).

Rebranding also had everyone talking about their new burgers. Most people wouldn’t have noticed the addition to their menu without this strategic stunt.

Although people think IHOP is wasting millions of dollars on this “ridiculous” marketing strategy, the strategy is doing exactly what the company wants. They had customers talking about their favorite food from the restaurant and took notice of their new line of burgers.

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