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The start of a new season is an ideal time to evaluate your company’s social media presence and clean up your profiles. With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 800 million on Instagram, social media is full of possibility for engagement– if you can break through the noise of content overload and reach your customer base.

Here are three strategies for spring cleaning your social media and strengthening your online presence.

1. Post meaningful content

In today’s digitally connected age, customers are constantly bombarded by advertisements. A commercial interrupts your show on Hulu, a sponsored post appears on your Instagram feed, and your browsing history prompts a targeted advertisement to show up on your Facebook timeline. The more overwhelming social media advertisements become, the more likely it is that your prospects will begin tuning out.

So how can you get your customers and prospects to feel genuinely interested in your business and your products? To attract customers, you need to stop posting meaningless content on your social feeds. Reposting articles from larger outlets without taking the time to customize it to your brand message will quickly bore your audience. Your profiles should contain content that is original and “on brand” which doesn’t include spammy or salesy posts.

Spend some time on the structure of your social media profiles as well. Make sure the profile pictures on all of your channels are updated to your business logo. Your banner image or cover photo can reflect any promotions you are running in the spring and summer. Don’t forget to update your summer business hours if these change.  

2. Avoid costly shortcuts

Ditch any third party auto-poster. If you want to use a scheduler, utilize the one that is built into the platform. Instead of posting randomly, create an intentional content calendar that plans out engaging posts.

Also, take a look at any current paid ad campaigns that might need adjustment (Facebook is making rapid changes to their targeted advertising, so make sure you are following our blog to keep up with the latest updates there).

There are no shortcuts to social media success – it does take time and that’s why we exist as an agency.  

However, there are social media strategies that can save time, money, and human resources when implemented properly. But first and foremost, a social media strategy needs to be put in place.

3. Create new social media habits

Once you’ve cleared away your old social media posts, there is room to develop new tactics to help you reach your goals. You need to create a strong strategy that will move with you and your customers’ needs. Remember, you cannot establish a ROI without this.

To invite new opportunities and tactics for growth, you’ll want to first look inside your business. Begin by encouraging employees to engage and share your businesses posts online. Employee engagement will help expand your organic reach. However, make sure to implement a social media policy to protect the company and guide your employees on best practices.

Next, try polling customers to see what types of content they are interested in. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all fun and engaging platforms to create polls for customers. Here are five reasons why your brand should consider using polling on social media.

Don’t be afraid to test different times of day to post and experiment with different types of posts like video, images, articles, and so forth. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have excellent built-in analytics that can help you determine the success of your various posts.

Creating meaningful, interesting, and engaging content can be a challenge. Social media is fast-paced and the rules of the game are always changing. If you feel like your business can never keep up, it may be time to let the experts take the wheel and transform your online presence. To discuss how we can help your business, reach out to our team today at (888) 632-4499 or schedule a free consultation.  

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