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Introducing Facebook Messenger 4! Facebook is rolling out a new and improved more simplified version of the messaging app due to the recent research obtained. They found out simplicity was a top priority for most users and decided to make a change and revert back to the basics.

While the old messenger had 9 different tabs, the new version now has only 3: Chats, People and Discover. In the Chats tab, you can start and follow up on conversations and find visual communication features like Camera. In the People tab, you’ll find your friends who are also on Messenger, see who is active on the platform and view their Stories. The Discover tab is almost the same as before except it now combines brand stories, games, and news. There are also new ways to customize your messages using nicknames, emojis, and chat colors. You can use colors to customize specific chat bubbles.

While the app is easier to navigate and simpler, the features you know and love like polling, games, and video chat are still there.

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