So much has changed in the last couple of weeks. Not only has life itself shifted, but we’ve seen a big jump in social media and digital interaction. As we’ve moved deeper into the pandemic, messaging platforms have surged and changed. The usage of social media has increased drastically as more users go online to connect with friends, family, businesses, and colleagues. Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media platforms are shifting with COVID-19. 

Platforms That Have Shifted Up


Let’s face it. We aren’t seeing many vacation pictures lately. This platform is where we would normally see people “living their best life,” am I right? But things have changed. People are no longer out and about raving about restaurants, shopping, or posting those beautiful pictures from vacation. Although Instagram was hit a bit hard at the beginning of March, most industries have bounced back on the gram. According to RivalIQ, even “Food and Beverage brands are coming back” on Instagram. Overall, Instagram is back on the rise in April with some of the highest rates we’ve seen all year.  

Instagram Stories

If you have an Instagram account, then I’m sure this isn’t a shock. People have been sharing Stories from their new lounge wear, to what products are helping them get by, to their home projects, to what they are cooking for dinner. Instagram Stories have hit a sizeable surge and now is the time to take advantage. 


Similar to Instagram, Facebook has shifted up in activity too. We are seeing more interactive and live content, which is leading to more engagement. We’ve seen a jump in posts like home workouts, challenges, and webinar content. We’ve even seen a jump in informational posts and news that has been shared more now than ever. As long as your news, challenges, and webinars are a reliable source your posts could see more interaction on Facebook during COVID-19.


Twitter has always leaned toward being an informational platform. Although engagement may not be up, the use of the platform itself is being highly used to get information. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter has become a resource for real-time news from scientists and journalists.


Many people are working full-time from home and for a bit in the future. Due to the thousands that have been laid off due to COVID-19, LinkedIn has seen an increase in activity and will continue to rise as people are job hunting at this time. What once was a platform for checking up on colleagues and sharing informational insight for industries, will now be used heavily for hiring. 

Tik Tok

With millions of people out of work and school, it appears they are looking for some distraction and creativity by trying to go viral. According to Music Business Worldwide, “the video app saw an 18% increase in downloads, and was downloaded 2 million times between March 16 and 22, an increase from the previous week’s 1.7 million, Sensor Tower reported. The app also saw a 27%t increase in the first 23 days of March compared to February with 6.2 million downloads.” We expect to see Tik Tok used in new and interesting ways, and we’re here for it!

Platforms That Have Shifted Down


Podcasting seems to be the media platform that has decreased the most. When you cut the daily commute, you cut down the usage. Sure, some people still might be listening as they take their daily walks, exercise, or while they’re mowing the lawn, but for now, numbers are down. According to the Infinite Dial Report in 2019, 52% of folks listened to a podcast while driving. Numbers may increase this summer, but social traffic has surged around daily life and the economy at large.

As you can see, most social media platforms have shifted up during COVID-19. Now is not the time for your brand to go silent. This could potentially delay recovery for your business after the pandemic. When continuing to advertise, focus on the positivity you can bring to your brand and your audience. Talk about how your company can help during this new everyday life we are experiencing. If you need some guidance, check out our blog on What Businesses are Doing Right During COVID-19.

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