Using Twitter Dashboard

Twitter business and personal profiles have always been the same, with no extra functionalities to help businesses manage their accounts more efficiently. Twitter’s recent release of Twitter Dashboard is one way that they’re starting to differentiate between the two. Although it’s available for all accounts, business accounts will be gaining more advantages from this new feature.

To test out Twitter Dashboard for yourself, head to and log in with your Twitter account.

There are three navigation options.


Using Twitter Dashboard

When you first log in to your Twitter Dashboard, it will ask for particular keywords so it can track mentions of you and your business. You’ll be able to look through Tweets about you and your business (that are using those keywords, i.e., business name), your Tweets, and your regular Twitter Timeline.


Using Twitter Dashboard

This tab allows you to–wait for it–schedule Tweets! And it will show you your Twitter queue (i.e., all of your currently scheduled Tweets that are waiting to go out.

To schedule a Tweet, type out your content, add an image or a GIF from the GIF library, then click the downward arrow next to Tweet to choose the Schedule Tweet option. A calendar will appear below for you to select your desired date and time of tweet.

Caveat? Polls are not currently supported by Twitter Dashboard. If you wish to Tweet a poll to your followers, you will still need to do so in the actual Twitter app.


Twitter already has Analytics that can be seen at, but the Dashboard’s purpose is to incorporate all of the business aspects of Twitter into one easy-to-access location.

You’re able to view your recent engagement, profile visits and impressions, and mentions. To view more in-depth analytics, you’ll want to visit the actual Analytics dashboard, but this is a great place to get a snapshot of your Twitter performance.

Using your Twitter Dashboard is a great way to manage your business Twitter account. And we’re definitely excited that scheduling Tweets in the app has become a much easier functionality!

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