The time has come to share what the TargetMarket team has come up with to include in our 2024 Gift Guide! Among our team of 10+ employees, we have employees spanning from Gen X to Gen Z, making our guide a good place to start if you’ve been wondering what your brother, mother, sister, or father might be asking for this year. For those of you wondering what to get your grandparents, well, we can’t help you there as no one on our team is a grandparent, even though we have enough collective back problems to make you think otherwise. Whether you’re here to gain inspiration, or just to learn a little more about our team, take a look at our 2024 gift guide.

TM’s 2024 Gift Guide 


Anker Prime 67W GaN Wall Charger

I’m not always the best at keeping my phone charged, and this saves the day! Charges my phone super quick and has other ports for laptops and other electronics.

Nicole Zaleski, Producer


Luluemon Yoga Mat 

This year I got really into hot yoga! After my first few classes, I noticed I was slipping on my sweat because of my non-grip mat. One of my coworkers recommended the Luluemon Yoga Mat 5mm. This has changed my yoga practice entirely. I highly recommend this mat to all yogis! 

Ashleigh Daniel, Project Manager


PowerBeats Pro

Truly– nothing is worse than being mid-walk, run, or workout and having your headphones fall out of your ear. Let 2024 be the year your headphones stay in your head. You can jump, flip, hop, skip, and run, and they’re staying put. Not to mention, they have 9 hours of listening time.

Danielle Boucher, Account Manager


Procreate App

If you like to draw or know someone who does, this app is a must-have to unlock a new level of creativity. For only $12 you are getting an unbelievable digital light table that works on an iPad with an Apple pencil. Use different brushstrokes and effects all on layers that can be imported to Adobe Photoshop. You can even see your drawing as a timelapse video that can be shared on social media. 

Patrick Brickman, Creative Director


The Carry-On Roller by Beis

Despite traveling fairly often, I’ve never cared too much about luggage until I got on the Beis train. I’m traveling internationally over the holidays, and I won’t use anything other than this. If you have a frequent traveler in your life, get them this carry-on (I’m asking for the larger checkable bag this year).

Abbay Olson, Senior Account Manager


Lake Pajamas Bundle Set

I was hooked after getting my first pair of Lake pajamas as a gift. They are the softest and most comfortable pajamas, and all I can wear now. The bundle is a great gift because you essentially are getting two sets of pjs in one. They are on the pricier side, but you won’t find better quality, and they have 50% off sales a few times throughout the year, including around Thanksgiving, going into the holiday season. I gifted this to my sisters and stepmom last year; they’re also obsessed.

Jackie Foster, Director of Operations


Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

This is the perfect bag for when you’re on the go! I use it when I go out to run errands and only need my wallet, phone, and keys, and when I take my dog out for walks around the neighborhood so I can carry my phone easily. You can wear it as a true fanny pack or, my preference, as a cross-body bag. It comes in tons of colors, and there are a few different options for strap length as well as the physical size of the bag.

Ashley Dority, Senior Paid Ads Manager

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