Between serving clients and running a business, there can be little to no time left for managing your own social media accounts for your business. How can you prioritize your time better to actively be creative and engaging while following through with your business’s digital marketing strategy? Here are some time-saving tips for managing social media accounts from the experts. 

Focus on the Best Platforms

Do some research to choose the platforms that fit the brand for your company. Taking time to analyze your target audience and where they are spending time on social media will help your results. Work smarter, not harder, by focusing your time on the platforms that are beneficial to you. 

Don’t Cross-Publish by Linking Accounts

You may think linking the same post to all of the social media platforms is a great time saver, and it does save time, but choosing the best platforms for your business and tailoring each post for the right day and time is more beneficial. By avoiding this, your content will be more enticing and will give your audience a reason to follow you on multiple platforms. 

Keep Your Assets Organized 

Save time and stay organized by keeping all of your content and assets organized like a pro. Keeping a content library for a team to use will not only help you stay organized but it will help you save time when searching for a certain logo, image, content calendar, etc. Some popular storage solutions for social media accounts include Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Use Evergreen Content

Creating social media content that has longevity is also a great time saving tip. Relevant posts that can be shared time and time again are known as evergreen content. Reposting content at a different time of day or different ways of posting can help with gaining more views. Some ways to repurpose content may be changing the information from a post into a graphic, infographic, or even a video. This way your information is seen in different ways but multiple times. Having the right mix of real-time current posts and evergreen content created into your calendar is a win-win. 

Use Scheduling Tools

Planning ahead by creating a social media calendar and scheduling your content is the best way to save time and stress. After creating your content, start by researching the best days for posting and the time of day that your audience is highly active online. Some helpful scheduling programs are Buffer, HootSuite, Planoly or Facebook’s own scheduling tools. 

Set a Routine

Time is money and setting a daily/weekly routine with social media is a must for all Social Media Managers. Set aside time for engagement and be sure you are responding to all customer reviews. Plan out your routine and stay on track by following your to-do lists with an organized planner.

Hire an Agency

Of course, this is exactly why we exist. Your brand needs to be sharing, creating, and engaging constantly. Who has time for that? A digital marketing agency does! 

Our team at TargetMarket is here to help with all of your online marketing needs. From creating a successful business strategy and following through with every step, we have your website work, blogs, newsletters, content creation, scheduling, paid ads, and analytic reporting covered. 

Leave it to the experts and save your valuable time by calling us for a free consultation today at (888) 632-4499 or fill out our free consultation form here.

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