Think You Don’t Need to Hire a Professional Social Media Manager? Think Again!


Hi, I’m Chelse, and I’m about to throw down some realness on social media management in 2016.

As a Social Media Manager, my biggest frustration with the industry is constantly proving the value of hiring a professional for a business’ online portfolio. This task is my pleasure, as I am genuinely passionate about the role of social media in expanding one’s presence online.

Unlike traditional mediums such as media buying, television commercial production, or radio sponsorship, social media has the bittersweet notion of being accessible by everyone, and therefore, those assuming anyone can do the daily tasks of a professional content manager.

So I am here today to dispel the common phrases we hear everyday, and these are my reasons why you should rethink hiring a social media manager.

“I don’t see why we have to hire a Social Media Manager, I post on Facebook all the time.”

As more and more folks enter the social media world (More than one billion people are active on Facebook!), it’s easier to master platforms such as Facebook. What was once the Wild, Wild West of the internet, is now one of the most common habits we all do everyday.

But managing an online presence, and in this case, particularly a business’ Facebook Page, is more than simply posting content or sharing articles.

Are you up-to-date on the latest algorithms and rules pertaining to contests, organic content, cover photo design, and everything in between? If not, you better take the time to maximize your online efforts.

A Social Media Manager also creates custom branded graphic designs to celebrate special events, holidays or promote upcoming sales. If your ultimate goal is sales, potential customers can spot the difference between a professionally made image, and something made in Microsoft Word. Guess which will grab their attention first?

We’re also photographers, videographers, copywriters who create targeted advertising campaigns with specific goals such as growing your email list, converting sales, driving people to a custom landing page, booking an appointment on your website, and much more.

“I know how to boost a post. Why would I pay someone to do that for me?”

Ahhh, yes. The modern day classic. Facebook has made it easier and more accessible for self-starters and business owners to create more exposure for their company through Facebook advertising.

If you have a Business page created, under every post is a button that says “Boost Post.” This button is a form of advertising that allows your content to be seen by more people on their timeline based on a few targeted demographics.

However, a Boosted Post is the most basic form of advertising on the social network.

I don’t want to mince words, but a boosted post is a haphazard route that most newbies use, due to it’s easy user experience. But this method will cost you more money per action, and get you fans that are more likely not to take action AKA: wasted money.

Another added benefit to running advertising campaigns over boosted posts is the ability to add optional call to action buttons with different goals promoting actions such as ‘shop now’, ‘sign up’, ‘download’ and ‘contact us’ – depending on your objective.

Think of a Boosted Post as a grilled cheese sandwich, and an Ad Campaign as a triple decker BLT. Why does everything have to be a food analogy with me? … I digress….

“I’ve mastered Facebook, that’s the only platform I need to use.”

Let me tell you, I WISH this were true. Because if it was, that would make my job a heckuva lot easier. Unfortunately, it ain’t so.

Depending on your individual business, you may see more success on platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Waze… the list goes on. Each platform has its own version of producing and sharing original content, as well as its own unique advertising structure.

Think you’ve got Facebook mastered? Great, now take the time to teach yourself the dozens of other social networks. And once you do, be prepared to constantly stay up-to-date on new rules, regulations, and interface changes on a regular basis.

“Social media managers just surf the web all day.”

You are 100% correct. We do surf the web all day. We scour the internet to find relevant news articles that could promote your business, upcoming community events to participate online, search trending hashtags to join conversations, and respond to reviews from both satisfied and unsatisfied customers – hoping our reply will convert them to potential repeat customers. And this isn’t a tedious task for us, we love it! Unless monitoring online activity is truly your passion, you’re unlikely to see long-term success or growth from organic engagement.

Social Media Managers are worth it, really!

See all the ways your business missed out on potential customers by not hiring professionals to handle your online strategy? In today’s online space, you’ll need an expert looking out for your brand online to compete with your competitors who are more than likely already online steadily trying to poach your customers.

Take away the added stress and call The Modern Connection to manage your digital footprint, uniquely designed for your own business! Email Contact@TheModernConnection to learn more about our free consultations today.

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