Social media changes by the day. What was trending last year is a thing of the past and here at TargetMarket, we are always looking to the future. We are constantly keeping an eye on anything and everything social media wise that is new and can help build your business. While your audience may have been very present on Facebook at some point, it’s important to keep an eye out and know that they may be elsewhere, like Instagram, tomorrow.

Since social media moves very quickly, there are some platforms that were once hot and have now been left behind and forgotten. Check out the platforms that have continued to rise and the others that have since fallen below.

Rise: Instagram

There are currently  1 billion Instagram users versus 800 million in 2017. Instagram continues to be one of the most popular platforms to be on and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon! 

Fall: Facebook

This one is debatable, but while Facebook has plenty of users and is one of the most popular platforms especially popular for its search engine properties, but it’s not necessarily growing as fast as the other platforms. As of June 2019, 1.15 billion people log into Facebook daily which is just an 8% increase from last year. Many still have Facebook to keep up with friends and family, but don’t use it as much as they used to. However, Facebook has taken steps like Facebook Stories and the recommendations feature to keep their users interested. The platform is also widely used by older generations. 

Rise: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have been a real game changer for all businesses and users. 46% of all Instagram content is from Stories alone. What started out as almost a “copycat” Snapchat, has now evolved into a way to learn about your audience with the questions sticker and polls. 

Fall: Snapchat

Remember when Snapchat completely redesigned their entire app? If you recall, people did not like it at all but Snapchat stood their ground and said they would not go back to the old layout. Around this time, Instagram also introduced Instagram Stories and thus Snapchat took a huge hit losing millions of users.

Rise: TikTok

If you have a TikTok account, you’re already ahead of the game! This app is so fun and very popular with younger generations. According to Harvard Business Review, “In 2018, TikTok ranked fourth worldwide as the top non-game app downloaded, at 663 million behind only Facebook at 711 million and its related apps WhatsApp and Messenger, SensorTower data shows.” TikTok added 188 million downloads in quarter 1 of 2019 alone surpassing Facebook at 176 million. There is much potential here and it will be interesting to see how the app develops throughout the year.

Fall: Myspace

We’re going to take you back in time with this one. Remember Myspace?! In the three years after Facebook’s launch, the once booming platform lost 40 million unique visitors per month. Believe it or not, Myspace is actually still around! You can still login to that middle school or high school profile if you even remember the password! The platform, however, has since become more music focused. 

There are so many different platforms out there so it’s very important to know where you should be spending your time. Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help! Schedule a free consultation with us today to let us help you strategize how you could be spending your time wisely on social media.

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