As we round out the end of 2018, you would have to be hiding under a rock to not notice how much social media continues to evolve each year. If you’re not on social media or are barely checking your social presence online, it’s time to step up your social media game. If you’ve already come to this realization, the next question is always where to begin. What platforms should you be on and what’s going to give you the most ROI for your time and money?

Like it or not, your business will be online in some way shape or form. So, let’s start with a simple Google search. Google your business online. What comes up? What do you see? What don’t you see? This is a good indicator of how much of a social presence you have online. You probably see your website but you should also be seeing a Google My Business listing, your social media listings, and possibly review site listings, such as Yelp. Of course, some of these listings are business dependent but this is a great start to see how strong your presence is online.

Next step is to clean up your presence online and to start paying attention to the platforms where your customers are spending the most time. Identifying your customers is essential and researching where your customer group spends their time online will help you to identify where you need to be spending your time. We typically suggest to have a presence on all platforms and to point users to your active platforms. So for instance, if your customers aren’t typically on Twitter, you can still setup a Twitter page with your brand logo and website, then simply link your customers to your more active platforms in a Twitter post.

And finally, paying attention to the platforms that you are on with regular content posts and checking in. If you’re customers are chatting your business online, you want to make sure you are there to respond. It’s a great way to increase your search engine presence as well by taking advantage of all social media platforms have to offer, such as the bio sections, about us, etc. Make sure these are completely filled out with your key terms for your business to have the most impact on your search engine optimization.

If you are ready to take charge of your social media presence but know you don’t have enough time, that’s where we come in! We offer full account management, consulting, and a la carte services to meet your business needs. Make 2019 the year you take your online presence back and contact us today at (888) 632-4499 for a free consultation.

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