For years brands have used contests to outshine their competitors on social media. Over time, companies have been implementing creative giveaways in order to build email lists, boost online engagement and build those trusting relationships with their customers. Social media contests are a powerful way to increase your marketing. After all, we all like to win! According to Toggl, even after a competition has ended “three out of four people are more likely to recommend a brand who hosts contests and giveaways.”

First things first, how can your brand cash in on these contest benefits? In order to hit your goal, you must first understand your audience, pick your prize, pick your platform, and know what type of contest you would like to run. Let’s dive right into some easy social media contests that will help elevate your brand.

Email Campaign

To help build your email list, hold a giveaway to reward a lucky customer with one of your products. Set your poll for followers to click the product they prefer, click to join your newsletter, then submit. Encourage your entries to check their inbox for a newsletter announcing the winner of your branded product.

Poll Campaign

The Facebook poll feature allows you to set some highly engaging questions when you are looking for thoughts and ideas. Are you looking for an opinion on a new logo or product? This is your chance to get creative in receiving brand feedback from your followers. Encourage them to vote and pick a winner from the most popular category!

Caption Campaign

Have a captivating photo to use in your feed? This type of contest allows your users to comment with their own creative caption. Maybe you are looking for feedback from your fans on a new slogan for your company or you can post an image of your product in use and have people “caption this.” This giveaway is not only entertaining, but it also is a fun way to get your followers to engage on your post.

Fan Photo Campaign

Looking to collect more user-generated content? Get your fans to do the work for you by offering a gift card or prize for a photo of your product in use. This is a great way to find out how your consumers may use your product and which ones they prefer. Be sure they tag your business and you may want to create a specific hashtag for your followers in order to track all entries.

Comment Giveaway Campaign

When you’re looking for an easy giveaway, this one takes the cake! Although these “comment and tag a friend” type of contests have been around for quite some time, they are still very effective. You may also ask people to like your page, but keep in mind that asking someone to share your post to enter is not permitted by Facebook.

Time to put these contests to work! We guarantee you’ll see a difference in your online relationships, engagement, and brand reach. Remember, there are certain things to avoid when creating social media contests. Facebook’s rules and regulations are constantly changing. If you want to steer clear of any trouble from Facebook, take a peek at these guidelines or contact TargetMarket today. Our Social Media Managers have you covered!

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