When it comes to social media, you can never have too much content. While many of us were glued to our screens before the start of 2020, it’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant effect on our screen time and social media usage. A poll conducted during the midst of quarantine found that between 46% and 51% of US adults were using social media more since the outbreak began. Because social media users are more active than ever, they’re also consuming content at quicker rates than ever before. This means creating consistent, quality content has never been more important for your business.

At TargetMarket, we realize that having an inventory of photos and videos ready to post at any time is a tall order. With COVID restrictions and social distancing very much still in effect, many photoshoots and projects have been paused, and our homes have become our studios and workspaces. But just because you’re confined to your home doesn’t mean your content has to suffer. Stay consistent on social media and keep your fans engaged by considering these products for DIY photo and video content.

1. Ring Light

Have you wondered how content creators and public figures manage to look so good while you shudder at the thought of turning on your camera during a Zoom meeting? The answer is our first product on this list, the ring light. Ring lights help to create a well-lit, professional aesthetic and can be used to brighten up product shots and videos all while creating seamless, hands-free content. No matter what your desired platform is, all you need is your photo and a ring light to mimic the effect of a perfectly lit photo studio.

2. Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re drowning out the sounds around you, or trying not to disrupt your partner working in the next room, wireless headphones have been a game-changer for content created at home. No matter if it’s a track to add a musical element to your latest post, or an important assignment on a zoom call, wireless headphones will ensure you never miss a beat.

3. Mini Microphone

Mini microphones exploded in popularity as TikTok took center stage this year. These tiny microphones can be plugged into your phone to help you deliver smooth audio without the need for a professional recording device.

4. Mobile Video Apps 

Instagram video solidified itself as a crucial marketing tool this year, with an estimated 85% of businesses planning to use video in their 2020 marketing plan. A great video is generated through editing, so having mobile video apps at the ready will help you deliver the highest level of content. InShot, Magisto, and Mojo are all great ways to trim, resize, and add elements like filters, text and stickers to videos shot on your phone. 

5. Good Photo Editors

Instagram users love a brand with a cohesive aesthetic, so in order to achieve a well-curated feed, photo editors are a must. Lightroom has taken the influencer world by storm with the development of presets. Presets are essentially custom filters that can help differentiate your photos (and products) from the rest. Classic photo editors like VSCO are still great apps to have at the ready, especially as certain aesthetics like old-school vintage become popular trends for 2021

6. Design program

For fun features, customized elements, and any other design needs, consider downloading a design platform. You don’t need a degree in graphic design to use platforms like Canva. Select a template and drag and drop your content, or create something all your own. 

7. Tripod

Capture stable shots from a wide variety of angles by using a tripod for your photos and videos. Tripods come in especially handy for birdseye product photography and flat lays.

8. Props

If you have a little too much blank space, or if you want to curate a more natural shot, consider the use of props in your content. Depending on what vibe you’re trying to achieve, elements like plants, candles, or pinecones can help create a more curated photo.

9. Backdrops

A good background can enhance the overall composition of your photos and videos. Sheets and curtains are simple, affordable, and on-trend for general photos. For flay lays, textures like wood, concrete and marble can amplify your shot.

10. Stylus Pen 

Take your Instagram stories to the next level by using a stylus pen to write and doodle on your photos in a way that’s far more legible than using your finger. Using a stylus pen is the perfect way to balance a personalized touch with a polished look.

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