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A common pain point for businesses in any industry is online reputation management. Online reputation management, commonly known as ORM, is a broad term encompassing all factors relating to online reviews. What is most frustrating about ORM for many businesses is that having reviews is essential to success, but responding to negative reviews can be a daunting task. Reviews can be left on a wide variety of platforms, including Google, Facebook, and more, and while this may seem overwhelming, these reviews can provide many advantages for your business. In fact, a recent survey found that the factors that contributed to a brand becoming “best-in-class on social media” were strong customer service, audience engagement, and transparency: all of which can be achieved with a comprehensive ORM system. This blog will explain how you can start incorporating ORM tactics into your content and how a consistent online reputation management strategy can benefit your business. 

The Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Provide affordable customer service

Traditional customer service methods have evolved with the digital world. Consumers are sharing their experiences openly via social media comments and online reviews, leading to an increased volume of customer feedback and demand for thorough online reputation management techniques. Taking time to respond to these reviews is a free and effective way to address your customer’s concerns or praises and to provide a model of how you handle feedback to potential future customers.  

Build client trust

One of the common criticisms of the digital age is the loss of “human connection.” In many circumstances, consumers feel their voice isn’t heard, especially regarding customer service. One of the main ways to build and maintain client trust is by reading and appropriately responding to online reviews. This can not only help you resolve the consumer’s problem, but it can also showcase your business as a trustworthy company that responds to its customers.

Clear up miscommunication

Reading and responding to reviews give valuable insight to both businesses and consumers, especially when it comes to clearing up mistakes or miscommunications. It’s not uncommon for people to leave reviews despite never having been to your business. Responding to those can help clear up any confusion that the invalidated review may have caused.

Extend brand awareness

Online reputation management strategies that provide consistent responses to reviews and other customer service queries can help extend brand awareness, especially on social media. Many successful companies gain more customer success by addressing critiques and criticism in their comments directly and appropriately. Everyone makes mistakes, but by using good customer service techniques in the form of responding to online reviews, a happy customer is far more likely to recommend your business or product to a friend.

Incorporate Reviews into Your Strategy

Solicit reviews

While increasing the volume of reviews seems like adding more work to your already busy life, it can benefit your overall marketing strategy. Soliciting reviews from clients via e-blasts or text messaging platforms keeps your business top of mind and can help provide you with valuable feedback. Even if you receive the occasional negative review, we have found that our clients who actively follow up with their clients or patients tend to receive more five-star reviews than any other rating. This boosts their overall star rating on platforms like Google My Business and Facebook.

Use reviews on your social media

You work hard for your good reviews, so you may as well repurpose them into other aspects of your digital strategy. Using positive reviews as part of your social media content is a great way to incorporate what your customers say about your business and can help build your online community.

Get in Touch

Online reputation management is essential to your business strategy. To streamline your ORM or for help getting started, contact a specialist at TargetMarket. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation to see how our marketing agency can grow your social media and marketing strategies for profitable results.  

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