Instagram has changed drastically since its debut in 2010. It has launched careers, allowed us insight into the lives of public figures, and kept us connected amid a global pandemic. There is, however, one evident consistency in our newsfeed, and that is the abundance of pictures of “#food.” This is why you need to master marketing your restaurant on social media. Social platforms like Instagram were made for showcasing aesthetically pleasing photos, and for many of us, few things are as tempting as a delicious plate of food. 

Instagram has been proven as a necessity for all businesses, but it bodes exceptionally well for restaurants that consistently serve up mouthwatering content. Combine this with the fact that reviews and online comments influence 88% of people, and you can see why having a social media strategy is essential for restaurants.

Tasty Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant on Social Media

If you are new to social media, TargetMarket has your back. Use these tips when marketing your restaurant on social media, and you’ll be serving up five-star culinary content in no time!

1. Give Consistent Updates

Social media played a huge role in communicating closures and changes to business hours during the pandemic, especially during the early days. As the world changed rapidly and no one knew what was coming next, social media posts and stories could provide immediate updates. Even in a non-pandemic setting, creating a profile that consistently delivers information about changes creates a more reliable, trusting relationship with customers. Whether you are closed for a special event, inclement weather, or holidays, social media allows for top-notch communication between your restaurant and customers.

2. Feature Your Local Providers

No matter if you’re new to social media or have an established account, featuring local purveyors of produce, meat, and other goods is a great way to support your community. Tagging farmers and providers create a mutually beneficial relationship where fans of your restaurant can learn more about what goes into their meal while also potentially bringing in fans and followers of your purveyors. Good food starts with good ingredients, so highlighting the base of your dish helps customers feel even more invested in what you’re creating.

3. Spotlight your Staff

Another way to effectively market your restaurant on social media is to create an environment for your customers that feels familiar. You can make your restaurant feel like home for your customers by showcasing the faces of your staff. Sharing their position, name, and other fun facts is a great way for your followers to feel connected to your restaurant. When these relationships are established, posts featuring servers, chefs, and other staff members also tend to garner high engagement rates. 

4. Give a Behind the Scenes Look

Showing how you prepare the food can have a similar effect to spotlighting local ingredients. Both help to promote a deeper connection to the dishes on the menu because your followers can see how much effort and care goes into their order. Utilizing Instagram stories or other short-form video formats can give brief glimpses into what goes on behind the scenes. 

5. Find Your Voice

One crucial part of marketing your restaurant on social media is establishing a voice that jibes with your brand. Injecting your posts with personality through a distinctive voice helps set you apart from other restaurants in your area. Whether you decide to use humor to create a lighthearted tone, inform your audience about ways to eat more sustainably, or keep your captions clear and engaging, creating a consistent voice can facilitate communication between your restaurant and your customers.

6. Show Off Specials

Your goal is to keep your restaurant full and your customers happy, so showing off your specials is a great way to keep your audience engaged with the latest creations from your kitchen. Sometimes, a limited-time dish is just the motivation we need to skip dinner at home and order out instead! Posting pictures of specials also help to keep your feed as interesting as the food you serve.

7. Support Your Community

One of the ways your restaurant stands out from various restaurant chains is by the uniqueness of its location. Creating lasting relationships with your local purveyors, customers, and community is key to having the best neighborhood spot. You engage with your community by taking part in local events, supporting local charities and initiatives, or even just reposting Instagram stories that have tagged your restaurant. If you take the time to support your surrounding community, they will likely support you in return. 

Need a Hand?

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by creating content or marketing your restaurant on social media, TargetMarket can help. Get in touch to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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