2020 has elicited a wide variety of emotions. Many of us have been stressed, scared, confused, frustrated, and frankly, bored. So, where do you go when you’ve watched everything on Netflix? For a lot of people around the world, the answer to the question is podcasts. As of April (a pivotal month when it comes to people needing content for entertainment), reports showed that 44% of Americans have listened to a podcast at some point, and 80% of those people listen to at least seven podcasts a week. When we examine podcast listeners on a monthly level, we have found that 37% of Americans (an estimated 104 million people) have listened to a podcast within the last month. That percentage is a giant leap from 2008 when a mere 9% of the U.S. population reported listening to a podcast within the last month.

Podcasts typically see a jump in listeners during the summer season, and when you combine that with a global pandemic you can understand why everyone is making moves towards this medium. The question then becomes, how do you stand out in a sea of audio content? And how, exactly, can you get the word out? In the world of podcasting, it’s crucial to catch the eye (or ear) of listeners quickly. Data has shown that 90% of all active podcasts achieve 90% of lifetime downloads within just 96 hours of posting. This means that when it comes to promoting your podcast, social media marketing is an incredibly important step before and after your episode goes live.

Build Anticipation

One of the first steps to take before you drop your podcast episode is to promote what you have coming up. Whether or not you have recorded the episode, you can tease certain parts of your content to build anticipation. Create a post featuring your guest on the upcoming podcast, or write a blurb about the topic of discussion. This allows for your audience to take note of where and when they can listen to the episode.

Post Video Clips

If there is a video component to your podcast, post a snippet on your social media to entice new listeners. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to use to promote video content from your podcast. Select a section of your content that is exciting and relevant, but leaves the audience wanting to tune into the full episode. For more information on where and how to post your podcast’s video clips, read our blog and learn how to make the most out of your video content.


Even if you stay true to the traditional form of podcasting, you can still create engaging and interesting visuals to promote your podcast. An audiogram can help your audience visualize the sound waves that match up to your podcast’s audio. Waaves is a helpful tool when it comes to creating animated content to share on social media. 


Graphics are great ways to focus on, and promote, a specific section of your podcast. Feature quotes, guest credentials, and cover art to help round out content. Creating graphics that include episode numbers are also a good way for your audience to keep track of your release dates, and to catch up on old episodes. 

Work With Your Guests for Promotion & Return the Favor

Two feeds are definitely better than one, so work out a way with your podcast guest to share the episode on their own social media platforms. This opens up your podcast to the fans of your guest, enticing them to listen in. Being a guest on other people’s podcasts is also a great way to gain exposure and get the word out about your own show. Creating a network is important in any business, and podcasting is no exception.

Go Live

Going live on social media has significantly increased in popularity over the last few months, so take advantage of this trend and go live to promote your podcast. Though many podcasts have a one minute preview that gives an introduction to what they’ll be discussing, listeners still have to locate the podcast page in order to find this preview. By going live you eliminate the time it takes to search for the podcast and can introduce your podcast to anyone who follows you on social media.

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