When building your social media strategy, you’ll need to curate a plan for the paid and unpaid worlds of social content. Both are equally important in establishing a strong social media presence; however, the key to success is finding how to best implement these two worlds together. You can’t rely on just one or the other to achieve maximum potential. Creating a method where your organic social content and social ads work together will nurture a stronger relationship with your followers and expand your brand’s reach and engagement across the board. 

What is Organic Social Content?

Organic social content is free content published on a social media platform. This includes photos, videos, memes, Stories, or any other content shared without money behind it attempting to boost its reach. Organic content is essential as it is the foundation for your social platforms. Establishing which types of organic content best resonates with your audience is a crucial component of building a paid ad strategy. 

What are Paid Social Ads?

Paid social ads are a form of advertising where brands put money behind an organic post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., to increase its reach, or paid social ads can be separate, unique content initially intended as an advertisement. These days there is an influx of influencers throughout every social media platform. However, influencer marketing and sponsored posts are not considered paid social ads. Keep the following in mind when learning how to make your organic social content and social ads work together.  

Making Organic Social Content and Social Ads Work Together

1. Highlight Popular Organic Content

Organic social media content is arguably the most valuable component of your social media presence. When new people come to engage with your page, they are looking to resonate with your voice and brand. Organic content can be entertaining or informative, showcase personality, or build consumer relationships. Sharing user-generated content is a great way to nurture relationships with your followers. 

Data from organic social content can be utilized when deciding what content to highlight or boost for paid social ads. Boosted posts are a simple yet popular way to incorporate paid ads into your social media strategy. This method allows you to repurpose your highest-performing content into an ad. No extra brainstorming or creativity is required, yet you can expand your content’s original reach.  

2. Define and Increase Target Audience

Narrowing down and truly being able to identify your target audience is one of the best ways organic social content and social ads work together. When you set up your paid social ads, defining the audience you want to target is a huge component. You can select your audience by age, interests, location, activity, and more. In doing so, your paid ads increase brand awareness to users that align with your brand’s target messaging. The new leads or followers you gain from paid social ads can consequently help increase your organic social media traffic. Now that you’ve attracted your target audience, you can continue to appeal to them through organic content. 

3. Maintain Brand Consistency

Whether you’re planning your monthly organic content or having a paid ad brainstorming session, it’s important to keep your branding consistent. Keeping your organic content and ads aligned with one another will result in a strong audience or following. For example, if recent organic content is focused on a new product or event, creating ads that promote the same message can maximize your chances of getting new eyes on your content. 

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