One of the top challenges when it comes to social media is learning how to expand your reach. Whether your business is small or large, you must focus your energy and your efforts in the right places. Your audience and demographic may not be active on every social media platform, so don’t assume you need to be present on each. Let’s jump into some ways you can expand your social media engagement and reach.

Find Your Audience

Not only is it important to figure out which platforms are worth spending your time on, but it should also be a priority to figure out exactly where your audience is. Don’t spend unnecessary time creating and posting content on a platform that won’t be giving you any returned results. Narrowing your focus and choosing your platforms is much easier than you may think. Here are a couple of tips that will help you find your target audience:

  • Look at your competitors – take a look at the competitors in your industry and on which platforms they are present.
  • Take a poll – finding out more information from your followers is as simple as asking them. Communicate with some of your best customers by adding a survey to your platforms or your next email.
  • Check your analytics – to assess the effectiveness of your marketing, take a look at your audience and acquisitions sections in your Google Analytics. By focusing on this, you’ll be able to see if you are spending time on the right channels, the effectiveness of your voice, and whether your social media is aligning correctly with your website visitors. 

Promote your Profiles

Now that you’ve done the work, it’s time to let the world know by making your social media presence known. Anyone who comes in contact with your brand should be one click away from becoming a follower. Here are a couple of ways you can promote your own profiles:

  • Add your social platforms to your business cards, storefront, the signature on your emails, your e-blasts, and anywhere else you can think of.
  • Consider adding follow buttons on your website to instantly direct traffic to your social channels. These can be easily integrated with little more than a copy-paste code.
  • Cross-promote your platforms by directing followers to each active account.
  • If you are not active on a particular social media platform, due to the lack of your audience, pin a graphic to the top of your feed showing users where they can find you online. Be sure to include your social handles.

Use Balance When Creating Content

When it comes to creating content, quality over quantity is always best. Posting more often won’t help you increase your reach or engagement. Fewer, high-quality posts will build more interest for your audience and followers. If you are questioning the best practices for when to post on social media, take a dive into this article from Buffer.

Partner with Influencers

Tackling your social media reach doesn’t always have to be on your own. Partnering with an influencer is a great way to increase brand awareness, reach a new audience, promote your products, and boost your marketing. Influencers usually have a very large engaged audience, so your brand has the ability to gain trust and even drive sales.

Include Giveaways

For marketers and business owners, there isn’t a better way to grow your business than a social media promotion. Whether your business is small or large, a promotion will help increase engagement, establish brand awareness, and create a buzz.  

Wondering how your contest can create a larger buzz? First, think about your target audience. Think about what their interests are and what will have everyone talking. Selecting a coveted prize will help people become followers or possibly convert to a potential customer. If it’s a product people are raving about, then maybe consider using it as a giveaway. This is a great way to stand out from your competition. Get as creative as you can!

Overall, the secret to expanding your social media presence, reach, and engagement takes time and effort. The most relatable and interesting content will continue to spread among your audience and interest will build in what your company has to offer. If you’re searching for assistance in finding your audience, promoting your profiles, creating high-quality content, or partnering with any influencers/businesses, request a free consultation with our creative team at Target Market!

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